Review: Low-Key Cool Spring Eddie Bauer Gear (And it’s All On Sale)

by Lauren Breedlove
Updated October 27, 2021

eddie bauer spring catalog
Photo: Lauren Breedlove

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A spring adventure in Arizona requires versatile gear for any type of weather — especially given the diverse nature of the state’s terrain.

Depending on where in the Grand Canyon State you venture to, pieces that provide comfort while hiking in the desert or mountains are key.  Arizona is a layering type of destination, with hot days but cold nights requiring serious protection against the elements. Basically, you need a selection of items that handle the wide range in temperature like a boss.

As I’m a travel writer, I’m always on the hunt for versatile, outdoorsy clothing I can wear while traveling and still look put together. I put some new Eddie Bauer gear for spring to the test on a recent campervan road trip, during which I encountered both scorching and chilly temps, fierce winds, and blaring sunshine — all before noon.

Armed with a pair of Hypertrail sneakers, the trail adventure high-rise collection leggings, Motion Cozy Camp Tunic, Treign crew sweatshirt, and the snazzy BC Dura jacket in “cactus” (could the color be any more fitting?) I tackled Arizona’s varied landscape with my rented house-on-wheels.

Check it out:

Eddie Bauer Cozy Camp Tunic, Adventure Trail Leggings, and Hypertrail Sneakers
Eddie Bauer Cozy Camp Tunic, Trail Adventure Leggings, and Hypertrail Sneakers. Photo: Lauren Breedlove

The Good

  • Hypertrail Shoes: Lightweight, good for traveling, and has decent traction on the bottom.
  • Trail Adventure High-Rise Collection 7/8 Leggings: they have pockets and the 7/8 length is perfect for us shorter people.
  • Motion Cozy Camp Tunic: so versatile, tunic length (yay!) and it is, in fact, cozy.
  • Treign Crew Sweatshirt: moisture-wicking on the outside, with a super soft sweatshirt material for warmth on the inside.
  • Bc Dura 3L Jacket: Rain and wind? Doesn’t stand a chance.

This collection of items fit the bill for campervan hangs, light hikes, and early morning sunrise missions. The leggings fit like a glove and the jacket blocked any shred of wind. I found myself reaching for the Cozy Camp Tunic regularly, making it the clear VIP in my book; the side slits for when you eat too much camp food was a real win, too.

The Not-Quite-As-Good

  • Hypertrail: A bit on the wider side (for me) and not waterproof.
  • Trail Adventure High-Rise Collection 7/8 Leggings: I couldn’t find fault with these bad boys. They’re high-rise, after all.
  • Motion Cozy Camp Tunic: If I’m being picky, there was more room in the upper arms than I would’ve liked, but really I just wanted it in more colors.
  • Treign Crew Sweatshirt: A very snug fit, despite sizing up.
  • Bc Dura 3L Jacket: The zipper was a bit difficult at times (and it only comes in 2 colors.)

The Hypertrail sneakers would be fine for nature walks and very light hikes; I wouldn’t wear them on anything more technical (though if the fit was better on my slightly narrow foot, it may have felt more comfortable.) The zipper on the jacket was a tough start with a fair amount of resistance all the way up; hopefully it’ll loosen over time. The Treign Crew Sweatshirt was great for cold mornings, but is a bit warm for summer days. It’d be better suited for adventurers in colder climates.

Field Testing: Hypertrail Sneakers

Packable and Lightweight

Eddie Bauer Hypertail Sneakers
Eddie Bauer Hypertail Sneakers. Photo by author

If you’re not venturing onto longer, more challenging trails, the Hypertrail sneakers serve as a fantastic catch-all shoe for travelers interested in spending time outdoors. Padding and cushioning were plentiful, though the shoe fit a touch wide on me. I found the support to be a tad lackluster for hiking, but they aren’t boots, after all. These are the type of sneakers that can easily go from running morning errands to a quick afternoon nature walk and then hanging by the campfire at night.

Although these kicks are moisture-wicking, I prefer a waterproof shoe for hiking. In Arizona, this wasn’t an issue, of course. The Hypertrail comes in half sizes, which is key, and seemed to fit “true to size.” Their low-profile design matched well with both leggings and shorts, style-wise as an added bonus. I opted for the “rain” color, but they come in “black” as well.

Check Price – Hypertrail Sneakers (Womens) Check Price – Hypertrail Sneakers (Mens)

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Eddie Bauer Hypertrail Sneakers
Eddie Bauer Hypertrail Sneakers. Photo by author

Field Testing: Trail Adventure High-Rise Collection 7/8 Legging

High-rise goodness with a cropped length

Eddie Bauer Women's Trail Adventure High-Rise 7/8 Leggings
Eddie Bauer Women’s Trail Adventure High-Rise 7/8 Leggings. Photo: Lauren Breedlove

I’m a huge fan of 7/8 length leggings, so I was pretty pumped to try these out. I especially liked that they come in Regular, Petite, and Tall sizing. I’m 5’5″, so I don’t quite fit into the “petite” category, making these the perfect in-between. The new element in these classic trail adventure leggings is the drawcord built into the waistband so you can tighten (or loosen) to your desired amount.

Now, let’s talk pockets. Not only are there pockets on both sides, but there is also an additional mesh pocket on the right side (pictured above) with a zipper. This would be great for keys, or an ID and what-not. Other highlights that I appreciated included the UPF 50+ sun protection (which was crucial in Arizona) and the moisture-wicking properties since sweating was a promise.

They’re comfortable enough to wear all day driving the campervan, as well as while hiking or on a run. The high-rise style is always welcome too, keeping all those stomach bits in nicely to create a flattering silhouette and help you feel more secure while working out. I love gray, so I chose the “storm” color, but there are two other options as well: “black” and “dark loden” (which is pretty much a dark green).

Check Price – Adventure High-Rise Leggings
Eddie Bauer Women's Trail Adventure High-Rise 7/8 Leggings, Treign Sweatshirt, and Hypertrail Sneakers
Eddie Bauer Women’s Trail Adventure High-Rise 7/8 Leggings, Treign Sweatshirt, and Hypertrail Sneakers. Photo: Lauren Breedlove

Field Testing: Motion Cozy Camp Long-Sleeve Tunic

Obsessed with this sweater that lives up to its cozy name

Eddie Bauer Motion Cozy Camp Long-Sleeve Tunic
Eddie Bauer Motion Cozy Camp Long-Sleeve Tunic

Chilly morning? Grab the tunic sweatshirt. Long drive? Throw on the tunic sweatshirt. Evening grill and happy hour sesh? This uber-soft pullover tunic sweatshirt is calling your name. The side-slits provide a carefree fit, worn perfectly with jeans, shorts, or leggings, as it’s long enough to cover your bum but not so long that you look like you’re wearing a nightgown if you pair it with shorts. It was my favorite item of all the Eddie Bauer gear I tested for its versatility and comfort; it was made for camping (as the name suggests.)

The sweatshirt is the right level of warmth. In the words of Goldilocks, it’s “not too hot and not too cold.” Like the leggings, this too comes in a myriad of sizes; Regular, Petite, Tall, and Plus. You can also choose from four colors: “black,” “sprig,” “light heather gray,” and “flame,” if you’re feeling spicy.

Check Price – Motion Cozy Camp Tunic
Eddie Bauer Motion Cozy Camp Long-Sleeve Tunic
Eddie Bauer Motion Cozy Camp Long-Sleeve Tunic. Photo: Lauren Breedlove

Field Testing: Treign Crew Sweatshirt

Form-fitting, moisture-wicking warmth

Eddie Bauer Women’s Treign Sweatshirt. Photo: Lauren Breedlove

This stretchy shirt-sweatshirt hybrid is great for getting active in brisk weather. My favorite way to wear it was layered, underneath a vest. The exterior is composed of Eddie Bauer’s “FreeDry” moisture-wicking fabric while the interior is that sweatshirt-soft material that gifts warmth. This piece is made for an early morning hike or trail run, and would also serve as a solid base layer in colder climates. It should also be noted that it comes with thumbholes in the sleeve cuffs.

I loved the “Misty Rose” color and heathered fabric. It comes in Regular and Plus sizes, with some other beautiful shades like “light aqua” and “light steel.” I definitely recommend ordering a size larger than your normal sizing, as it’s a tight fit. That being said, I did appreciate the longer hip-length hem; ideal for those with a long torso (like me). If form-fitting is your thing, this top manages to simultaneously be flattering and functional.

Check Price – Treign Crew Sweatshirt
Eddie Bauer Women’s Treign Sweatshirt. Photo: Lauren Breedlove

Field Testing: BC Dura 3-Layer Jacket

Definitely withstands the elements

Eddie Bauer Bc Dura Jacket
Eddie Bauer Bc Dura Jacket. Photo: Lauren Breedlove

The BC Dura 3L Jacket is a top-notch waterproof shell, available in both women’s and men’s sizing. Despite being crafted of three layers with all the bells and whistles required for ultimate weather protection, it’s surprisingly light. I found it very packable for traveling, and while I enjoyed the “Cactus” color, it’d be cool if it came in a wider spectrum of color choices. But, maybe next season, Eddie Bauer?

The jacket fit really well, easy to layer with other pieces or not. The hood was adjustable, which is highly appreciated, as were the cuffs to keep potential rain out. The only issue I had was with the zipper. It was somewhat resistant to zip up, requiring more effort than I expected. Perhaps it would loosen up over time, though. I didn’t encounter rainy conditions in Arizona, but sunrise at the Grand Canyon was quite windy, and this jacket was a fantastic shield.

Good luck, wild weather; this jacket puts up a good fight.

Check Price – BC Dura Jacket (Womens) Check Price – BC Dura Jacket (Mens)
Eddie Bauer Bc Dura 3L Jacket. Photo: Lauren Breedlove

Key Takeaways of My Eddie Bauer Gear Testing

  • If you’re in search of more technical hiking shoes, you may want to look elsewhere.
  • In the market for some new leggings? The Trail Adventure High-Rise Collection 7/8 legging might just become your new “go-to.”
  • Snag the Cozy Camp Sweatshirt as soon as you make your camping plans (or even if you’ve never camped in your life.)
  • It’s possible to be sporty and look cute in the Treign Sweatshirt, just make sure to size up, if needed.
  • The Bc Dura 3L jacket rivals competitors with its triple-layer design and weather protection, without being too hefty.

Returns and Warranties

There’s a fantastic return policy for all Eddie Bauer gear for up to one year.

“Customers are invited to return their items purchased online or over the phone to their local full-price store, or by mail by creating a pre-addressed return label.”

Read more about Eddie Bauer’s return policy here: Return Policy.

Eddie’s Product Guarantee:

“Our products are built to last. If your Eddie Bauer product fails to perform as designed, bring it back and we will replace it.”

Other Options

The Black Diamond Stormline Stretch Rain Shell could be a solid competitor to the Bc Dura 3L Jacket. It’s stretchy, with plenty of give for very active outdoor enthusiasts, and at a slightly lower price point.

The Arc’teryx Aerios FL Low GTX Hiking Shoes (women’s version here) are another lightweight hiking sneaker option, but with waterproof capabilities. The low-profile offers the benefits of a sneaker, while the traction and material is ideal for hiking and more technical trail running.


Eddie Bauer Women’s Treign Crew Sweatshirt

Overall, these new Eddie Bauer gear items left me well prepared for this particular campervan adventure throughout Arizona. I could’ve swapped the Treign Crew Sweatshirt for something lightweight with sun protection, given the scorching desert sun during the day, but I know I’ll be layering with it on colder exploits in the future.

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