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20 Camping Breakfast Ideas for Easy Morning Meals

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D.T. Christensen
May 19, 2019
Updated February 09, 2023

easy camping breakfast ideas
Photo: Alexey Ruban, Unsplash

Bacon and eggs are classic camp staples, but there’s plenty more you can do to freshen up breakfast around the campfire.

Like politics and religion, breakfast can be a touchy subject. That’s why, come holiday season, we enforce a strict no breakfast talk allowed policy around the table.

This is largely to prevent arguments between the intermittent fasting folks and the steak-and-eggs party of yore, but mostly because if we start talking about breakfast, invariably we’ll daydream of french toast and syrup-soaked sausage and, for me anyway, extremely scrambled eggs. Like burnt.

And while there are arguments for and against breakfast as the most valuable meal of the day, we’re fairly confident it can be one of the most delicious times of the day, no matter what side of the table you’re on.

Here’s a look at 20 of our favorite camping breakfast ideas and recipes, from simple classics to more adventurous (yet still easy) dishes.

1. Camping Chilaquiles

Camping breakfast chilaquiles
Source: The Adventure Bite

There’s no shortage of ways to make this traditional Mexican dish, but this version from The Adventure Bite is tailor-made for camping.

It’s low-maintenance, works for well for families (8 servings), and can be cooked and served in under an hour. None of the ingredients require much prep work and there’s room to make it your own – green or red sauce anyone?

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2. Johnny Apple Seed Oatmeal

Source: Fresh Off the Grid

There’s an overwhelming number of ways to prepare oatmeal, but Megan and Michael over at Fresh Off the Grid keep things simple and tasty with their Johnny Appleseed Oatmeal.

Adding cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and syrup jumpstart the oatmeal’s flavor profile, and the apples offer a much-needed contrast to the softer oats. If you’re camping in a place like Oak Creek Canyon, you can even use local apples when the season’s right.

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3. Campfire Frittata

camping frittata
Source: The Year in Food

In order to get our toddlers to start eating frittatas, my wife and I referred to them as “egg pizzas.” It worked like a charm, and now there’s a small part of me that will always think of this recipe as a Campfire Egg Pizza.

Kimberley at The Year in Food put together this great looking dish in collaboration with Alite Designs. It’s a simple frittata recipe that makes a smooth transition from kitchen to campground, especially when using ingredients that travel well, like cherry tomatoes and cheddar cheese.

“My default when considering what to cook for a weekend of camping is to select ingredients that will survive if the ice runs out on a hot day,” Kimberely says, “and doesn’t that happen more often than anticipated?”

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4. Farmer’s Breakfast Skillet

Farmer’s Breakfast Skillet
Source: Simply Scratch

Nobody does breakfast like farmers, at least from what I’ve read in East of Eden, so it makes sense that a Farmer’s Skillet Breakfast would be ideal for camping.

A combination of potatoes, bacon, sausage and veggies offers plenty of protein for the day, and it’s a hearty main meal you can flank with eggs, toast and coffee. This one takes a while but it’s well worth the wait.

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5. Campfire Potatoes

campfire potatoes
Source: The Splendid Table

Potatoes are a quintessential camping meal that work for breakfast, lunch or dinner. In the morning they’re a nice substitute for thinner hash browns, and using Yukon Golds cut in half will help speed up the cooking process.

There are all types of ways to make these, and aside from a foil wrap, you can also place them on skewers and grill directly.

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6. 3-Ingredient Pancakes

3-Ingredient Pancakes
Source: Cafe Delites

Per our children, the dinner calendar on our fridge has “breakfast” scrawled on one day a week, and I’m not complaining.

To take the routine on the road, we dig these 3-ingredient pancakes – eggs, milk, flour – for low-maintenance short stacks. If there’s room in the cooler, spruce ’em up with fruits and toppings that’ll make three ingredients go even further.

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7. Campfire Breakfast Burger

Source: Jelly Toast

Made-from-scratch black pepper biscuit mix makes this breakfast burger an immediate winner in our book, but throw in an egg and sausage patty and now we’re wiping the drool off our beards.

This is a great option for families (12 biscuits), or cut the recipe in half for a smaller yield. It’s a small but mighty breakfast that offers plenty of calories without weighing you down throughout the day.

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8. Maple Smoked Pumpkin Apple Cake

Maple Smoked Pumpkin Apple Cake
Source: Wildwood Grilling

Here’s the deal: when you’re camping, desserts and breakfasts are pretty much the same thing. So we don’t feel bad about presenting Wildwood Grilling’s pumpkin apple cake as a legit morning option.

This thing really comes together with the crisped apples, which are cooked on maple grilling planks. The apples’ smoky flavor is the perfect complement to the cake’s soft golden textures.

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9. Campfire French Toast

campfire french toast
Source: Fresh Off the Grid

French toast is our standard go-to at local places like Chompie’s, and there’s no reason we can’t enjoy the same pleasure out in the wild.

This recipe from Fresh Off the Grid is all about the right ingredients (whole loaf bread!), the right ratios and making sure your french toast receives evened heat from start to finish.

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10. Breakfast Burritos

Breakfast Burrito
Source: Culinary Hill

In Arizona, there’s a saying about breakfast burritos. I don’t remember what it is, but I know that growing up in the Southwest means breakfast burritos and a lot of them.

The beauty of the breakfast burrito lies in customization. Meat lovers can load up on bacon, sausage and chorizo, but a lighter burrito may consist of eggs, potato and veggies.

In this version from Culinary Hill, you’ll get a little bit of everything with ingredients that are easy to prepare ahead of time and package up for a long weekend outside.

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11. Dutch Oven Biscuits

dutch oven biscuits
Source: Sunset

This recipe was passed down to Mark Klever from his grandmother, and we’re all better off for it. It’s a simple recipe that’s about as old-school as it gets, but when something’s not broken, you don’t fix it.

Pair with honey for something sweet, or add meat and eggs for a breakfast sandwich that puts McDonald’s breakfasts to shame.

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12. Cappuccino Monkey Bread

Campfire Cappuccino Monkey Bread
Source: Kleinworth & Co

Monkey bread is a purposely messy, eat-with-your-fingers kind of breakfast, and this recipe from Kleinworth & Co absolutely nails it.

Things might get sloppy here, but it’s easy to pick apart as needed – perfect for restless kids and the parents inevitably chasing them around camp. A salted caramel glaze is a beautiful final touch that makes this monkey bread irresistible to humans.

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13. Vegan Breakfast Tacos

vegan breakfast tacos
Source: The Stingy Vegan

These vegan tacos are a great substitute for the heavy breakfast burritos that often lead to early afternoon naps and mid-day bowel troubles.

To keep things light and meatless, these tacos use chickpea flour, corn or flour tortillas, and plenty of spice to avoid any blandness. The right salsa kicks things up a notch and if you’re not in the mood for morning tacos, this is a great lunch or dinner option as well.

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14. Cinnammon Roll-ups

Source: Almost Supermom

Cinnamon roll-ups are great for kids: they’re easy to make, done in a few minutes and pair well with fruits, meats and eggs for a more rounded out breakfast.

Jordyn over at Almost Supermom came up with this brilliant camping breakfast and it’s a nicely portioned alternative to larger, heavier cinnamon rolls that don’t always make you feel good about yourself afterward.

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15. Sheepherder’s Breakfast

Sheepherder breakfast
Source: Taste of Home

Herding sheep all day burns calories like nobody’s business, but this skillet breakfast ensures you’ll have all the energy you need to avoid stray animals and the hillside predators looking to feed upon them.

Hash browns, onions and bacon form a glorious triumvirate of taste, and low-cooked eggs top it off with gusto.

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16. Campfire Beer Pancakes

beer pancakes
Source: Chowhound

Everyone and their grandma has a pancake recipe, but does your grandma have a beer pancake recipe? If she does, god bless her.

If not, the folks over at Chowhound have you covered with their easy-to-make campfire ‘cakes that are done in under 30 minutes. They recommend a pale lager for the mix, as adding darker beer may make the pancakes bitter or overwhelming.

Still, the best beer pancake is the one you have ingredients for, so don’t let an impractical beer stop you from achieving your breakfast dreams.

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17. Campfire Raspberry Double Dutch Baby

Campfire Raspberry Double Dutch Baby
Source: Sunset

The Dutch baby’s a fun alternative to pancakes and has much the same appeal. They’re easy to make and pair well with tons of fruit and toppings.

To mix things up, consider making a savory version that swaps fruits and cream for herbs, fresh Parmesan cheese and prosciutto.

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18. Huevos Rancheros Verdes

Huevos Rancheros Verdes
Source: Fresh Off the Grid

Huevos rancheros is another traditional Mexican dish that works well for large, family-style breakfasts. With easy ingredients and room to improvise, there’s no reason you can’t master this breakfast option in the camp kitchen.

And if you can’t tell by now, Fresh Off the Grid is the place to go for more recipes, meal ideas and culinary inspiration. They’re Pinterest-worthy camping meals buck the status quo in favor of bold, modern dishes that redefine what it means to eat outdoors.

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19. Campfire Apple Crisp Breakfast

Campfire Apple Crisp Breakfast
Source: Faring Well

Though most of our camping happens in the summer, we’re always game for a fall trip in the trees, and this seems like the perfect breakfast option for cooler weather.

Blogger Jesse Snyder teamed up with Camp Brand Goods to bring the world this delicious apple crisp breakfast, a simple and cordial oat dish that’s light and healthy. This, campers, is autumn in a bowl.

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20. Dutch Oven Cinnamon Nut Pull Aparts

Dutch Oven Cinnamon Nut Pull Aparts
Source: Tried and Tasty

Dutch oven cinnamon nut pull apart sounds borderline inappropriate, but this is a family friendly blog and we wouldn’t include anything that can’t be shared with friends and family of all ages.

The versatile beast that is the dutch oven can be used for just about anything, but it’s ideal for dessert-style breakfasts that need even heat and a drawn-out cook time. This puppy takes about 3 hours to cook, but most of that time is waiting for the rolls to rise.

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