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Best Hiking Snacks to Fuel Your Adventures

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Emily Pennington
October 25, 2022
Updated January 15, 2024

best hiking snacks
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They say variety is the spice of life, and that’s doubly true when you’re out hiking or backpacking.

Not only do many exercise scientists recommend trying to eat about 100 calories per hour while you’re doing hardcore cardio (to help prevent bonking and to keep your energy up), but getting a healthy mix of carbs, fat, and salt is also key to avoiding hiker hanger out on the trail.

A good old-fashioned hiking snack break has always been an epic excuse to take your pack off, get a little stretch, and enjoy the views you likely came for, whether they be expansive desert vistas of Joshua Tree or lush, shady evergreen forests of Vermont.

The Tastiest Hiking Snacks – Our Top Picks

I’m a big fan of packing too much food, even on day hikes, because there’s nothing worse than running out of snacks or reaching a summit to find all your protein bars dry and unappetizing.

Each of the snacks on this list were hand-selected and trail tested (the things we do for you people), with a keen eye on a variety of different flavors and types of treats. Many we tested did not make the cut, making these the true cream of the crop.

Okay, enough gabbing, time to unveil the snacks!

The Best Protein and Energy Bars

Barebells Protein Bars


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When grocery giant Trader Joe’s first unleashed these delicious candy bar-esque morsels a few years ago, I was skeptical.

Most bars packing 20 grams of much-needed protein are chewy, chemical-filled messes, but not so with Barebells. From their texture-adding crisps on the outside to the chewy nougat-textured fillings, classic flavors like Cookies and Cream and Salty Peanut taste more like a dessert than a mid-hike meal.

Barebells protein bars are available at:

Epic Bars


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With Keto-friendly options and Whole30 approved treats, it’s no wonder that Epic Provisions has taken off in recent years. The pitch for these unique, meat-based strips is simple: ditch the chewy beef jerky and opt for minimally processed, full-of-flavor meat bars instead.

The result is a delicious treasure trove of flavors, from Chicken Sriracha to Venison Sea Salt Pepper.

Epic bars are available at:

Blake’s Seed Based Crispy Treats


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A post shared by Blake’s Seed Based (@blakesseedbased)

Have you ever eaten a vegan rice crispy treat? At Blake’s Seed Based, they’ve Fed the art of crispy, creamy, crunchy snack bars that are perfect for stuffing into your backpack or gym bag.

Coming in seriously delicious flavors like strawberry and chocolate chip, the bars even pack a bit of much-needed protein into your day, as the company’s seed-based ethos transfers into all their products.

Available at:

Bobo’s Oat Bars


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From their quirky, colorful packaging to their truly unique flavors like Maple Pecan and Coconut Almond Chocolate Chip, Bobo’s Oat Bars are calorie-packed treats that’ll have you feeling like you’re indulging in an oatmeal cookie while out in the wilderness.

You won’t find much protein here (the bars typically come in at 3 grams per serving), but the tasty ingredients and energy found in these packable bites make them worth a grocery store splurge.

Available at:

Honey Stinger Waffles


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If you’re searching for the ultimate blend of delicious, high calorie energy set in the smallest, lightest package (I’m looking at you, mountaineers), you can’t get any better than Honey Stinger Waffles.

That is, unless you really want to do shots of straight olive oil. Each 30 gram waffle is small enough to slip into the thinnest pocket and carries a whopping 150 easy-to-digest calories for your biggest outdoor pursuits.

Available at:

Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookie


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A post shared by Lenny & Larry’s (@lennyandlarrys)

Yes, there’s a big-brand protein cookie on the market, and yes, it’s vegan. But after one bite of Lenny and Larry’s power-packed cookies (each one has a whopping 16 grams of protein), we’re sure you’ll become as addicted to them as we are.

Pro tip from someone who’s tried them all: snickerdoodle and oatmeal raisin are the best flavors, but you can definitely go ham and order a “baker’s dozen.”

Available at:

UNiTE Gluten Free Protein Bars


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A post shared by UNiTE (@unitefood)

UNiTE recently noticed that there wasn’t a good amount of cultural diversity in today’s protein bar flavors, and they set out to change that with their new line of delicious, south of the border-inspired treats like Churro and Mexican Hot Chocolate.

Not only are these tasty bars gluten free, they’re also full of 10 grams of muscle-building protein.

Available at:

PROBAR Meal Bars


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A post shared by PROBAR (@theprobar)

Though a little pricier than some of the bars on our list, PROBAR really stands out because of the diverse array of nutrients and vitamins they manage to squeeze into their healthy snacks.

Created with over 15 whole foods, these all natural, plant-based bars have about 10 grams of protein each and are loaded with fruits, nuts, and essential fatty acids. Spring for flavors like Superfood Slam and Original Trail Mix for a delectable hiking pick me up.

PROBAR Meal Bars are available at:


The Best Nuts and Snack Mixes

Purely Elizabeth Granola


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A post shared by Tom Kulik (@lowcarbcounty)

With their epic Keto and grain free options and fan favorites like Honey Almond Probiotic, Purely Elizabeth is proving that granola need not be a full-time breakfast food.

Stuff a hearty and fiber-packed bag of their proprietary ancient grain blend into your pack next time you hit the trail for a crunchworthy snack break.

Lark Ellen Farm Grain-Free Granola and Trail Mix


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A post shared by Lark Ellen Farm (@larkellenfarm)

Sometimes, a hiker encounters those magical moments when a random grab at the grocery store becomes a new must-have trail treat.

That’s how it was with me and Lark Ellen Farm, a company whose sweet and salty sprouted trail mix has changed my views on GORP forever. Made with sprouted almonds, pepitas, and dried cherries, it’s always a welcome (and preservative-free) munch fest when I hike.

Available at:


Pear’s Snacks Flavored Nuts


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Sometimes, sweet isn’t the answer and you find yourself craving handfuls of salty goodness when you’re sweating your way up a high mountain pass.

For moments like those, Pear’s Snacks comes to the rescue. With salt-forward flavors like Memphis Style BBQ and Everything Bagel, these are an excellent go-to when sugar doesn’t hit the spot.

Available at:


The Best Drink Mixes and Miscellaneous Snacks

Fuel for Fire Plant-Based Protein Smoothies


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A post shared by Molly | Hiking & Adventures (@theadventurediet_)

There’s a strange trend happening right now in the hiking world, where baby food-style smoothies are being peddled as though they were manna from heaven.

Thankfully, Fuel for Fire’s roster of protein-packed smoothies (in fun flavors like Berry Açai and Mango Coconut) are actually worth the price tag, with plant-based protein, non-GMO ingredients, and no added sugar.

Available at:

88 Acres Seed Butters


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Wild flavors like watermelon and pumpkin seed have made it onto 88 Acres’ seed-based butter lineup, and intrepid hikers who like to try new and unusual flavors have taken notice.

Sure, the brand’s protein bars are also delicious, but I’ve found their easy-to-squeeze seed butters to keep me satiated and happy on day hikes and overnights alike. Feeling overwhelmed with choices? They even offer a fun sampler pack.

Available at:

Clif Bloks Energy Chews


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These days, you don’t have to be a marathoner to know that adding easy-to-digest carbs and electrolytes is essential to getting out and back on a long trail comfortably.

Clif is famous for selling a variety of carb (and caffeine) loaded energy gels, but I feel that their energy chews are more delicious and more fun to eat when I’m pushing big miles outside.

Available at:

Nuun Hydration Tablets


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To help prevent bonking and muscle cramps, the savviest hikers know it’s crucial to pack a portable electrolyte mix into their pack.

Designed by athletes, for athletes, Nuun’s famous lineup of flavors like strawberry lemonade and watermelon turn your ordinary water bottle into a fizzy flavor fantasia. 

Available at:

Justin’s Nut Butters


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When I hiked the John Muir Trail in 2021, one of the first things I nabbed from my resupply buckets was a creamy packet of Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut & Almond Butter.

The sweet, protein-packed baggy was always an easy to eat snack in a sea of Clif Bars and dehydrated meals. Over the years, many of their other flavors have happily found their way into my pack, too, from more traditional honey peanut butter to inspired gems like vanilla almond butter.

Available at:

GOOD TO-GO Smoked Three Bean Chili


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A post shared by Good To-Go (@goodtogofoods)

Listen, there’s no shame in craving a hot meal when you’re just out for a day hike, and GOOD TO-GO has an epic lineup of curries and rice bowls to fill that hunger when it strikes. With a lightweight stove setup (like Jetboil’s MiniMo), making a hearty lunch on an afternoon snowshoe is a cinch.

Considering the extra weight it requires, we’re assuming that this advanced maneuver is mostly for trekkers on cold weather excursions, which is why we’re enthusiastically recommending their Smoked Three Bean Chili.

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