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December 31, 2023
Updated March 06, 2024

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Whether you like briefs or trunks, a man needs a solid pair of underwear when traveling, and these six pairs offer everything a good adventurer needs. 

That pack of whitey-tighties you bought at Target was probably a good bargain, but they’re not exactly ideal if you have travel plans in your future. Standard cotton traps moisture (and odor), and the fit of standard underwear doesn’t exactly help with mobility or flexibility. 

What we need when we’re traveling (whether it’s on a plane or along a trail) is underwear that can wick away moisture while being super comfortable and flexible. In some scenarios, you’ll want heavier, warmer underwear, and in others, you’ll want something light and breezy. 

Read on to find the six best pairs of travel underwear for men – I also recently reviewed the best travel shorts for men if you’re interested in completing the outfit. 

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Best Men’s Underwear for Travel


Best all-around men’s travel underwear

Mack Weldon AIRKNIT Boxer Briefs

Mack Weldon boxer briefs
Mack Weldon boxer briefs

A lot of underwear, especially athletic underwear, are sold as being “lightweight”, but trust me, you’ve never worn a lighter pair of underwear than Mack Weldon’s AIRKNIT boxer briefs (they also come in briefs). Made with a waffle-like knit fabric, these underwear are unbelievably stretchy and soft. They move with your body, don’t bunch up, and don’t feel constricting. 

Plus, the brand’s AIRKNIT fabric is made from nylon microfibers that are both moisture-wicking and odor-fighting, so they don’t just feel good, but they’re also built for performance. These certainly aren’t the cheapest pair of underwear out there, but they are absolutely worth the price. 

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Best men’s travel underwear for cold weather

Smartwool Intraknit Boxer Brief

Smartwool boxer briefs
Smartwool boxer briefs

Smartwool is known for their high-quality merino products and has long been a favorite for outdoors enthusiasts. Their Intraknit boxer briefs are also perfect for anyone who will be spending time outdoors during their travels – especially in cooler weather. The TENCEL fabric combines a blend of materials like merino and lyocell to create a very stretchy yet relatively thick pair of underwear. They form to your body and have minimal seams to reduce chafing (another great addition if wearing under layers during cold weather).

What makes them so great is that they’re both breathable thanks to the fabric, while also being snug and thick. They’re warm yet ventilated, which is exactly what you want. These are the most expensive pair on the list coming in at $50, but remember that these are performance underwear designed with a purpose and aren’t just any old pair of Hanes. 

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Best budget men’s travel underwear

Wirarpa Ultra-Soft Briefs

Wirarpa underwear
Wirarpa underwear

If you are looking for a cheaper option, Wirarpa is a brand you should check out. I originally had no idea what these underwear were, but I kept noticing guys in the locker room wearing them and they looked super soft and lightweight. After searching on Amazon, I saw that they have a 4.5-star rating based on almost 19,000 reviews…which is pretty damn impressive. 

That was a little over a year ago and since then these have become my go-to for daily wear. I’ve worn these while hiking in Wisconsin, at the gym, on airplanes, during long drives, and pretty much everywhere in between. They’re soft, stretchy, comfy, breathable, and have held up really well in the year I’ve owned them. Plus, they’re super cheap. Does it get any better than that? These are also available as a trunk.

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Best athletic men’s travel underwear

BN3TH Pro Boxer Brief

BN3TH boxer briefs
BN3TH boxer briefs

For starters, we need to talk about what made BN3TH famous – their ball pouch. It sounds like a gimmick at first, but BN3TH makes their underwear differently, having specially-made ball pouches that don’t smoosh your banana and walnuts up against your body, and instead give them a dedicated space to have room to breathe, while also being secure and kept in place. 

On top of that, the pro boxer briefs have an anti-friction finish to avoid static and bunching and are made with a breathable mesh fabric that’s comprised of 89% recycled polyester. For the guy who loves being active (or just wants their goodies to feel comfy on a long journey), these are an excellent choice. 

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Best boxers for men’s travel

REI Co-Op Everyday Boxer Briefs

REI co-op mens boxer briefs
REI co-op mens boxer briefs

Personally, I really like briefs, but not everyone does. Some guys still love old-school boxers, and if you’re one of them then you’ll want one of REI’s co-op boxer briefs. Yes, these are boxer briefs and not boxers. But trust me, traditional boxers aren’t fun when traveling. When you’re on-the-go, when you’re sweating, when you’re constantly moving (and often wearing the same outfit for the entire day), you don’t want loose cotton boxers underneath your pants getting all sweaty and bunched up. 

But if you like the loose feel of boxers, REI’s boxer briefs are a great choice. They’re more relaxed than other boxer briefs and they even have a functional fly. Plus, being made of polyester, they’re much softer and smoother than traditional boxers, meaning you’ll be way more comfy. 

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Best natural and sustainable men’s travel underwear

Free Fly Bamboo Motion Boxer Briefs

Free Fly boxer briefs
Free Fly boxer briefs

Lightweight, flat-seamed, and complete with a four-way stretch design. Already these are a great pair of underwear. But these boxer briefs are even better because they’re made using sustainable organic bamboo. Bamboo literally grows like a weed…worse than a weed actually, able to grow 3-feet in a single day. It doesn’t need fertilizer or pesticides, it doesn’t even need much water – it’s an excellent sustainable alternative to cotton. 

But the Motion Boxer Brief isn’t your standard bamboo underwear either. They’re not barky, rough, or fibrous. They’re soft…very, very soft. Some of the softest underwear I own. These are also true boxer briefs, not trunks, so they’re a bit longer than the other pairs on this list, making them perfect for guys who like the longer fit. 

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