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At Territory Supply, our goal is to help readers find meaningful adventures by featuring hiking, camping, and travel destinations around the United States.

We also help support local, statewide and nationwide organizations like Local First Arizona, the Arizona Trail Association and the American Trail Running Association.

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Territory Supply’s Roots

The seed for Territory Supply came to us in 2015 during a backpacking trip, when we began asking each other why there weren’t more hiking and backpacking clothes with modern fits and styles.

We were tired of wearing the same boxy pants and goofy shorts and wanted to do something about it.

Usually that meant stripping down to the essentials.

lake powell camping
Taking a break during a 3-day canoe trip on Lake Powell.

After a few sewing lessons from family and a brainstorming camping trip in Joshua Tree, we thought of what other products we’d like to see out in the world.

Eventually, we settled on creating a line of Arizona-inspired goods — apparel, hiking accessories, stickers — that showed our love for the 48th state and its history.

Hence, Territory Supply.

go west pennant
Our first product, a wool pennant inspired by the Superstition Mountains.

Over the next two years, we had a blast creating and sharing our products, mostly with fellow Arizonans with the same love of the outdoors.

We sold some goods, met a lot of awesome people, made great memories and learned a whole lot about what we wanted from a passion project.

territory supply pop up shop
Showin’ off the goods at Phoenix Flea in 2016.

In 2018, we decided the best way for us to serve our audience wasn’t through new t-shirts or products but through storytelling.

Our strengths and backgrounds had always been more in the realm of writing, research and online entrepreneurship, so we sold the last of our stuff, switched gears and haven’t looked back.

We wanted to solve our own problems — what gear to buy, where to go hiking and backpacking — and in the process, hoped to solve our readers’ problems as well.

A New Direction

Today, we feature some of the best outdoor gear on the market, as well as some of the top camping, backpacking and hiking spots in states like Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Colorado and Utah (don’t worry – we’re slowing moving east).

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Our writer @macmisseldine had a blast tracking down Utah’s most unique Airbnbs. Here’s a sampling, but click the link in our bio to see all 14! @basecamp37 @monetvalley_bnb @zionstinyoasis @conestogaranch @bouldermountainguestranch @envasecasa @mystichotsprings #findyourterritory

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Storytelling’s in our DNA, and our staff — myself, Jake Case, Mac Misseldine and all our contributors — does its best to bring that narrative passion to every article we publish.

Since its inception, Territory Supply has been based on the idea that your territory — your adventure — is out there. It may not look like anyone else’s, and that’s how it should be.

Your adventure might be living out of a vintage van while touring the country’s national parks, or it might be raising a family and showing them as much of your world as you can (I’m in the latter boat 😉).

Whatever it is, we’re here to help make it happen.

Back in 2016, my brother and I came up with a slogan that summed up the way we felt about Territory Supply — and life in general: go like hell.

It’s tattooed on our arms, and we both try to live by the mantra as much as we can.

It’s a symbol of adventures had, adventures to come and all the stuff — good and bad — in between.

paddling verde river cattle
Paddling the Verde River east of Phoenix.

It’s a reminder to “climb that goddamn mountain,” as Kerouac put it, but to enjoy the small, quiet spaces that make up our days.

It’s a call to embrace the ebb and flow, the ups and downs, without letting fear or doubt dictate your life.

So find your territory, and go like hell. We’ll be doing the same.

DT Christensen
Founder, Territory Supply