8 Cozy Cabin Rentals Near Moab, Utah

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February 12, 2022
Updated August 19, 2022

cabin rentals near moab utah
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Moab’s popularity has increased over the years — and it definitely lives up to the hype.

With two of Utah’s Big Five national parks within a half hour of downtown, Moab is the ideal basecamp for your adventures and there’s a full spectrum of outdoorsy Moab activities for you to choose from.

You can hike in the surrounding public lands of the national parks (check these hikes out in Arches National Park), Bureau of Land Management land, and state parks! Or try your hand at backpacking — these stunning backpacking treks in Canyonlands National Park are highly recommended.

Moab is also famous for their mountain biking. If you’ve never experienced slick rock mountain biking, you haven’t lived! Although, be careful since they don’t call it “slick rock” for nothing.

Speaking of dangerous conditions, there’s no wrong time to visit Moab. However, adventuring around this desert town is unlike those you’ve likely experienced. Summer brings scorching temperatures while winter can bring high winds. Make sure to always check in with the weather and be prepared for ever-changing conditions.

Stay in any of the following cabin rentals to create the best place to rest your head after a day full of whatever adventuring you choose.

1. Pack Creek Ranch

Pack Creek Ranch utah cabins
Photo: VRBO

Why you should stay: there’s a copper soaking tub so deep, you might need a ladder to get out of it.

  • Sleeps: 6
  • Minimum Stay: 3 nights
  • Rates from: $196/night

Grab your roper boots and ten-gallon hat to feel right at home at the Gate House on the Pack Creek Ranch. The whole vibe of the area drips of western country living that it wouldn’t be surprising to find yourself chewing a stalk of wheat by the time you leave (although BYOW: bring your own wheat).

The property is located a bit south of Moab but it’s worth the extra drive. Its cathedral ceilings and ample windows allow light to infiltrate areas that a log cabin wouldn’t usually be able to accommodate.

Speaking of accommodation — the 1300 square foot space helps keep your entire party happy with their own spaces to relax in. That even includes your cattle dog or blue heeler, since pets are also allowed! But if someone really needs some time away, they can also head to the community pool, hot tub, or sauna. Pack Creek Ranch is a triple threat!

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2. Castle Valley Log Cabin

cabin overlooking moab utah
Photo: VRBO

Why you should stay: the views, hands down.

  • Sleeps: 6
  • Minimum Stay: 3 nights
  • Rates from: $300/night

It’s worth noting twice the jaw-dropping views that you get when you stay at this cozy cabin tucked away just east of Moab. Overlooking Castle Valley, you’ll see the incredible and grossly beautiful landscape that defines most of America’s Southwest.

Have your morning coffee on the wrap-around deck to take it all in and determine what adventures await that day. The views don’t stop when the sun goes down either. Grab a glass of wine and stare up into the stars. The night skies are within one of the Dark Sky Corridors in the United States meaning an unfiltered view of our universe is at your fingertips when you stay here.

“The views from the deck are amazing. Stars pop at night. Sunset over the canyon and sunrise over the mountains behind are beautiful.”

Chris, Joplin, MO
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3. Pioneer Cabin

Pioneer Cabin utah
Photo: VRBO

Why you should stay: the second story balcony has unbeatable views.

  • Sleeps: 6
  • Minimum Stay: 3 nights
  • Rates from: $199/night

Imagine sipping your morning cup o’ joe while sitting on a porch of a cozy cabin at the base of the La Sal Mountains. The crisp mountain air and smell of earth surrounds your senses.

The sun is rising just above the horizon and creeping onto the porch. Still can’t picture it? There won’t be any need to if you end up renting the Pioneer Cabin. The snug and open format gives you and your guests the opportunity to keep conversations flowing no matter where you are in the home.

After a day of adventuring around eastern Utah, gather around the fire pit swapping stories about the day. Make sure to look up to search out those shotting stars that are often seen overhead.

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4. Whispering Oaks Ranch

Cabins at Whispering Oaks Ranch
Photo: Whispering Oaks Ranch

Why you should stay: perfect for a romantic rendezvous or a family reunion although it’s not wise to book both at the same time.

  • Sleeps: 2-24
  • Minimum Stay: 2 nights
  • Rates from: $202/night

Take your pick of the cabins at Whispering Oaks Ranch: rekindle the flame with your partner by booking one of the smaller, more intimate cabins and enjoy a secluded outdoor shower. Or grab a few of your buddies and rent a larger one that includes a full kitchen and a propane grill to nosh on your favorite meats.

You can even rent out the entirety of the property for a large gathering like a wedding. They even have an expansive lawn with the La Sal mountains as a backdrop for the ceremony and an 1,800 square foot pavilion to house the reception.

The best part is that you don’t have to find an Uber to get back to your hotel room!

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5. Pack Creek Road House

Pack Creek Road House utah
Photo: VRBO

Why you should stay: the hammock underneath the cottonwood trees is just screaming to be slept in.

  • Sleeps: 6
  • Minimum Stay: 3 nights
  • Rates from: $132/night

Immerse yourself in Utah’s nature by staying in the Pack Creek Road House. This Moab cabin makes you feel like you’re home with its country décor and farmhouse-style kitchen.

But the real gem is the tiny cabin just outside this one. Known as the Abbey House, it’s been fully restored for an added bedroom to this rental property. More importantly, it’s named after the famous American author and environmentalist, Edward Abbey.

He wrote several pieces right here in the Abbey House as he worked as a park ranger for Arches National Park in the 1950s. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be struck with inspiration to write your own essay about environmental advocacy!

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6. Luxurious Mountain Home

luxury cabin near moab utah
Photo: VRBO

Why you should stay: you can crown a champion of your own private ping pong tournament.

  • Sleeps: 12
  • Minimum Stay: 4 nights
  • Rates from: $501/night

Two hundred- and seventy-degree views greet you on the second floor of this exquisite mountain cabin. And that’s just the view from the living room! The views just keep on flowing as you venture throughout the home.

Check out the sweeping desert valley while enjoying your morning mimosa or gather around the large fire pit to gaze at the stars under the darkest of skies. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy the views even during the hottest part of the day.

Being higher up in the mountains allows the air to stay a good 10 to 15 degrees cooler than the sweltering downtown.

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7. Big Horn Cabin

Big Horn Cabin
Photo: VRBO

Why you should stay: it’s one of the cheapest rentals around Moab AND it has a private hot tub.

  • Sleeps: 6
  • Minimum Stay: 3 nights
  • Rates from: $133/night

If you’re not a fan of taxidermy skills, the Big Horn Cabin is might not be for you! Several trophies adorn the walls of this cabin and I’m not talking about those participation ones that every kid gets nowadays.

Heads of deer and pronghorn are mounted all along the walls while sitting next to full carcasses of fish and even a shark! Luckily, the bed is cozy enough that you’ll fall right asleep rather than having nightmares of all the things on the walls coming to life to eat you.

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8. Hidden Oaks Lodge

Hidden Oaks Lodge utah

Why you should stay: if you have to go on a business retreat here, the views more than make up for your annoying coworkers.

  • Sleeps: 48
  • Minimum Stay: 3 nights
  • Rates from: $1,400/night

Start upping your friend pool in order to take full advantage of this gem of a cabin. Actually, it’s much more than a cabin — it’s the Hidden Oaks Lodge and clocks in at over 7,000 square feet of space! Bring your friends, your siblings, your cousins, your cousins’ cousins.

There’s more than enough room for everyone with 39 beds in total. There’s no need to worry about great aunt Dolores taking one of her famous 45-minute showers since there are 6 full baths too! You can even challenge your big brother for a air hockey rematch after he trounced you last time! Redemption will be yours!

If none of that sounds appealing though, you can head outside to the multitude of trails that are accessible straight from the property. Whether it’s cross-country skiing, mountain biking, or hiking, there’s a trail for you!

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Plan your Trip to Moab

Don’t miss out on these must-see recommendations to take full advantage of your stay in Moab!

  • Take a hike! You can’t visit Moab without getting out onto the red rock formations it’s famous for. These are the best hikes.
  • Go for an overland adventure in Canyonlands National Park or along the Chicken Corners OHV Trail.
  • Although Arches and Canyonlands National Parks are a must-see, don’t forget about Dead Horse Point State Park. The overlooks are amazing.
  • Grab breakfast at the Moab Diner (get the Fisher Tower French Toast) and take your pick of culinary options at the Moab Food Truck Park for lunch.
  • If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, look no further than Moab Kitchen where it’s 100% plant-based.
  • Top off the evening with a fresh beer at the Moab Brewery, a town favorite.

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