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7 Best Romantic Getaways in New Hampshire

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Sarah Lamagna
October 21, 2021
Updated November 08, 2023

View from the Adventure Cabin
View from the Adventure Cabin - Photo: Lydia Blanchard

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Endless natural beauty might describe your lover, but it can also represent the places you’ll stay for a wonderful romantic getaway in New Hampshire.

I’ve driven I-93 north hundreds of times, always with the same destination plugged into my Google Maps on my phone: some trailhead in the White Mountains. On this particular summer day, however, I plugged in another address to locate a new nature retreat in Lincoln, New Hampshire. As I pull into the dirt road that leads to the entrance of Lumen Nature Retreat, my mind immediately goes to my husband.

The whimsical, canvas tents dotting the loop around the property exude romance and seclusion. A smile crosses my face as I realize he’d have said something like, “Are we camping then?” He doesn’t like “roughin’ it” and would rather stay in a room with four solid walls, preferably ones that are soundproof. Fortunately, I have the luxury of staying in one of the modern, tiny homes while I’m here.

Regardless of whether you like sleeping on the ground like me or need a bit more luxury like my husband, New Hampshire has some of the best places to cozy up with your loved one. While you’re here, take in the scenic byways or quaint mountain towns before finding your way back to the bedroom.

Editor’s Note: We updated this article on October 21, 2023 to include brand-new lodging options, along with updated imagery.

Best Locations for a Romantic Getaway

  • Best Tiny Home Romantic Getaway: Lincoln, New Hampshire
  • Best Private Romantic Getaway: Haverhill, New Hampshire
  • Best Secluded Cabin Romantic Getaway: North Conway, New Hampshire
  • Best Quaint Lodge Romantic Getaway: Franconia, New Hampshire
  • Best Scenic Cabin Romantic Getaway: Keene, New Hampshire
  • Best Quirky Romantic Getaway: Concord, New Hampshire
  • Best Tiny A-Frame Romantic Getaway: Plymouth, New Hampshire


Tiny Home Romantic Getaway in Lincoln, New Hampshire

A-frame canvas tents at the Lumen Nature Retreat
A-frame canvas tents at the Lumen Nature Retreat – Photo: Sarah Lamagna

Lincoln is considered to be one of the gateways to the White Mountains. It sits at the western edge of the national forest and is the start/terminus of the most famous scenic drive in New Hampshire: the Kancamagus Highway. This drive is a must-do for any couple wanting to experience the beauty of the White Mountains without having to get out of your car. 

Before you start the drive, hit up  The Moon Bakery and Café in town – they have, hands down, the best pastries and coffee. There are numerous hikes and trailheads within 30 minutes of Lincoln if you and your partner want to get sweaty outside the bedroom. An easy but epic hike is the famed  Flume Gorge in Franconia Notch State Park. For a more strenuous hike, head to the Lincoln Woods Trailhead where you can pop up onto many four-thousand-footers.

Recommended stay: Lumen Nature Retreat

A cabin at the Lumen Nature Retreat
A cabin at the Lumen Nature Retreat – Photo: Sarah Lamagna

As I stated earlier,  Lumen Nature Retreat has several different types of accommodations. I stayed in one of the tiny homes along the river but there are also safari-style and A-frame tents to choose from as well. All of the choices include big, comfy beds with the softest linens. And, let’s face it, if you’re here on a romantic getaway, that’s really all you care about.

However, romance can be found elsewhere as well. The tiny homes are decked out with sleek, modern décor including a “sky fireplace” (yes, it’s a thing), kitchenette, and leather couch. Despite the ample window coverage to bring a little nature inside the space, the blinds make it easy to close off to the world so you can focus on your beau. Also, if things get a little too hot (you know, if you’re staying here in the summer – sheesh, what did you think I meant?), there is a mini-split air conditioner to cool things down.

For those wanting to get on some Zoom calls or stream TV shows, staying at Lumen might not be the best idea since there’s no Wi-Fi. But when you’ve got endless nature, two saunas, and a river going through the property, who needs to surf the internet? Also, there are no private bathrooms, only a bath house but it’s the most immaculate bathhouse I’ve ever seen.

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Best Private Romantic Getaway in Haverhill, New Hampshire

The sprawling grounds of the Innstead
The sprawling grounds of the Innstead – Photo: Sarah Lamagna

There’s a saying around this part of New Hampshire: “Come do it like we do.” In short, it means to live like the locals and experience what a day in the life might look like. Sitting at the far western side of the White Mountains, Haverhill tends to attract less crowds despite its natural beauty. This means absolute solitude and privacy for anyone wanting to get cozy with their loved one.

If you can tear yourself away from the bedroom, a farm tour around town is a perfect way to have some fun, support the local economy, and get some tasty treats. Robie Farm an array of meats and cheeses to choose from to make a romantic dinner back at home. Although there is no bad time to visit New Hampshire, grab some ice cream in the summer at Hatchland Farm or pick some apples in the autumn at Windy Ridge Orchard. My favorite is the farm stand at  4 Corners Farm and their herd of Scottish Highland Coos (yes, that’s spelled correctly). 

There are also the towns of Fairlee, VT and Lincoln, NH within 25 miles from the Haverhill and have cute little downtowns. If you’re visiting in the winter, you can ski at The Dartmouth Skiway, Tenney Mountain, Loon Mountain, or Cannon Mountain (all within 30 miles). Then warm yourself back up when you get back to your romantic getaway.

Recommended Stay: The Innstead Mountain Getaway

Inside a room at The Innstead
Inside a room at The Innstead – Photo: Sarah Lamagna

If privacy is what you’re after, look no further than the  Innstead Mountain Getaway. The owners, Siobhan and Bill, call this area the “quiet side” of the White Mountains, and for good reason. While everyone else and their mothers are headed up the Mount Washington auto road, you’ll be in quiet serenity looking out over the Benton Range.  Sit hand-in-hand with your partner in the Adirondack chairs in “Lover’s Nook” while listening to the beat of fireflies’ wings as they search for their evening meal.

Staying at the Innstead gives guests unfettered access to the 2,000 acres of private property. You can climb the many miles of dirt roads that are scattered throughout hoping you might see one of the resident deer, moose, or bears. What really sets this place apart though is that Siobhan and Bill give their guests a sense of home. It’s not only clear how much Siobhan and Bill love this property but how much they care about their community and ensuring their guests get an authentic experience. They expect visitors to enjoy nature, breathe fresh air, and grab eggs from the local farm down the road. 

Stay in one of the two cabins completed on the property with four more opening within the next six months or so. You have everything you need when you book a stay here: Wi-Fi, washer/dryer, comfy beds, kitchen, and more. The communal “Dog House” (aka a small building on the property) provides local coffee and pastries in the morning for all guests. There isn’t even a television in any of the cabins because who needs them? Plus, the Wi-Fi is stellar so if you really need to stream your favorite TV show, bring your tablet.

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Secluded Cabin Romantic Getaway in North Conway, New Hampshire

North Conway is one of the best mountain towns in New Hampshire, with a variety of things to do and experience. The downtown is worth a visit in and of itself with dozens of quaint coffee shops and quirky gift stores. A visit to North Conway isn’t complete without a stop at Zeb’s General Store – a local staple. You’ll feel instant nostalgia when you set foot on the wooden floors. The vintage candy and small-town vibe are beautifully married with local handmade soaps and small trinkets. 

The best brunch in town is, by far, the Stairway Cafe. It has no website and its Facebook page is lackluster but that’s because it doesn’t need to market itself. So sleep in and emerge sometime before lunch to get your fill of food. The small space only seats about 20 people, but the wait is worth it. I suggest ordering whatever the special is because it is always that good

Rest your weary feet after walking around downtown with a romantic excursion on the Conway Scenic Railroad. Visiting in the fall means you’ll get a glimpse at some of the most beautiful autumn foliage–book the Upper Dome class to get the best views. Or make your feet more sore by choosing to hike one of the various  trails in the area. Don’t worry, there are also several spas to fix them right up including couples massages at Nordic Spa, North Conway Grand Hotel Micro Spa, or A Touch of Balance Massage.

Recommended Stay: Grizzly Cabin

It’s all about the location when you stay at  Grizzly Cabin. It’s set on a picturesque, wooded landscape that’s home to various wildlife. Despite the name, there are no grizzlies in New Hampshire, but you might see the resident black bear or two. Speaking of four-legged animals, you can also bring your canine companion when you stay here for a romantic weekend away.

Whether you’re out seeking some pow or climbing up the granite trails, Grizzly Cabin is a great basecamp for an adventurous couple. The mud room allows guests to dump all their gear without having to track mud and snow through the home. There is a washer and dryer, though, for those who get their clothes too wet or dirty.

The spiral staircase—although very cool—might be hard for your four-legged friends to go up and down. This means you might listen to your dogs whining all night long (although that’s not the cabin’s fault) instead of in blissful sleep. Consider keeping your canine companion home since you’ll likely be preoccupied with other activities (wink wink).

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Quaint Lodge Romantic Getaway in Franconia, New Hampshire

The Kinsman Lodge's spacious front yard
The Kinsman Lodge’s spacious front yard – Photo: Sarah Lamagna

The small town of Franconia is a haven for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. I’ve frequented Franconia Basecamp – the local outdoor consignment shop–when I’ve forgotten my hiking pants or trekking poles. The staff is extremely knowledgeable of the surrounding trails and best places to adventure so make sure to ask them.

Start your adventure day off right by stopping into  Franconia Coffee House for some excellent pastries and strong coffee to fuel up. Then head on up to Crawford Notch for some great hike options. There is plenty of parking around AMC’s Highland Center in Crawford Notch and is the start of several popular trails including the hike up the iconic Mount Willard. To cap off your day, pop into The Dutch Treat back in town for some good grub, beers and live music.

For slightly more dining options, you can head ten minutes north to Littleton. The quaint downtown is filled with diners and restaurants to satisfy any palate. Schilling Beer Co. is a favorite of mine and serves up some world-class beers as well as oven-fired pizzas. Then walk hand-in-hand with your lover down the main street to window shop. Grab some candy at the world’s longest candy counter (it’s totally a thing) at Chutters or grab a book at Bondcliff Books.

Recommended Stay: Kinsman Lodge

The cozy reading room at the Kinsman Lodge
The cozy reading room at the Kinsman Lodge – Photo: Sarah Lamagna

What makes  Kinsman Lodge so special isn’t the rooms or the location, it’s the people and its history. The current host, Sue Thompson, is the embodiment of wholesome and welcoming. Walking up the steps to the entrance felt like I was being wrapped in a big hug. Sue, hearing aids and all, stepped into the foyer with a smile as big as can be and an eagerness to meet her new guest.

Guests have private rooms that need no key to enter (don’t worry, you can lock it from the inside) with doors held open by an old man’s shoe. Luckily, the shoes don’t seem to have been worn in some time so no ghastly smell came from it. For me, after a day of solid traveling, the bed was a welcome sight. It wasn’t until I was awoken by the smell of coffee that I realized I had slept right through the night.

Downstairs, Sue and her daughter cook up breakfast every morning (included in the price of your stay). On this particular morning, there were pumpkin pancakes (fitting for my autumnal stay), eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, and Sue’s famous muffins. It was exactly what I needed to start my busy day ahead.

The lodge is old which gives it quite a bit of character. There is a guest book dating back to 1906 where you can see signatures like “Mr. J.L. Peatfield and wife” or “Mr and Mrs. Miles Hillary” – unsurprisingly, the woman’s name is rarely given. Due to the Lodge’s age, its floorboards are also noisy so don’t expect to be sneaking around at night without giving yourself away. Only two rooms have a private bathroom, all others share bathrooms.

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Most Beautiful Cabin Romantic Getaway near Keene, New Hampshire 

Having a fire at the Adventure Cabin
Having a fire at the Adventure Cabin – Photo: Lydia Blanchard, owner of The Adventure Cabin

Maybe you’re about to drop off your child at one of the several colleges in Keene and need a romantic getaway with your spouse to ease the pain of your kid fleeing the nest. You’ll be able to stay busy with a wide array of activities to indulge in while you’re in the area. One of the biggest draws of the area is the proximity to state parks and reservations including  Mount Monadnock State Park. Thousands attempt to climb this mountain year after year and has sweeping 360-degree views at the top. 

This area of New Hampshire is also home to one of the highest concentrations of microbreweries in the state. Choose from  Granite Roots Brewing The Outlaw Brewing Company,  Frogg Brewing Branch and Blade Brewing, Elm City Brewing Company West LA Beer Company and so much more. There is also another high concentration of something in this area: covered bridges. Take a drive along the Connecticut River Scenic Byway and experience several covered bridges along the way.

You can also easily explore regions just outside the Granite State. Brattleboro, VT is just 30 minutes from Keene. It’s got a great downtown adjacent to the Connecticut River perfect for a couple looking to kill some time. North Adams, MA is slightly further from Keene but not to be overlooked as it’s in the heart of the Berkshire Mountains.

Recommended Stay: The Adventure Cabin

Looking at the Adventure Cabin from the front yard
Looking at the Adventure Cabin from the front yard – Photo: Lydia Blanchard, owner of The Adventure Cabin

At only an hour and a half from Boston,  The Adventure Cabin is ideal for guests visiting from anywhere in the country. It’s centrally located in southern New Hampshire with easy access to the trails and views of the Berkshires to the southwest and the Green Mountains to the west. If you don’t want to leave the comfort of the cabin at all, the views don’t disappoint here either.

This quaint cabin is a stylish combination of rustic woods and sleek Scandinavian design. The emerald green kitchen cabinets house everything you might need to make a romantic dinner. Light the candles in the fireplace and cozy up with your lover on the couch while watching a romcom. Or perhaps, you’ll just be pretending to watch the movie and instead make out like teenagers. Your choice. If your partner laughs at your movie choices, feel free to send them to the second bedroom at The Adventure Cabin and enjoy the bed to yourself.

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Quirky Romantic Getaway near Concord, New Hampshire 

As the state’s capital, Concord is deeply rooted in history. The name itself defines its character by being a place of harmony between people from all walks of life. The scene as you walk Main Street is an amalgamation of different cultures, eateries, and views that somehow live in complete balance. In case your relationship might be a bit out of whack, head to Concord to right itself.

Grab gifts for each other as a token of appreciation. Choose from a European grocery at Viking House full of overseas treats and delicacies or a vintage album for a music buff from Pitchfork Records. My personal favorite is a stop at Gibson’s Bookstore – the largest independent bookstore in northern New England. Grab a “Blind Date with a Book” personally crafted by the store’s events coordinator, Elisabeth Jewell, or ask Ryan, known as the Queen of Scream, for her favorite horror suggestion (trust me, she knows her stuff).

With your gifts in hand, pop into Bread & Chocolate for a unique dessert experience and pre-dinner treat. Take your pick of the best restaurants to snuggle close to your partner. Revival Kitchen and Bar, a farm-to-table experience, is ideal for the more eco-conscious couples who want an upscale vibe to their dinner. The Barley House and Tavern will be full of rowdy sports fans if you’re there during a game but that just means you have to inch closer in order to speak sweet nothings into each other’s ears.

Recommended Stay: Snowshoe Cabin

It might have been a garage at one point, but the  Snowshoe Cabin is now anything but a space full of oil stains and smells. It’s an elegant and relaxing space that’s ideal for two kindred spirits. The cottage is extremely private as it’s detached from the Lakefalls Lodge also on the property, and found well off the road, a mile down the driveway.

The cabin is cozy yet there is ample space for you to have a bit of “me” time if you need it. The closed-in deck comes with a wood stove so you can snuggle up with a good book no matter the season. You can take the canoe or kayaks out on Mill Pond for a romantic sunset on the water or walk the many hiking trails around the property. If you’re staying in the winter, the hosts provide guests with snowshoes for you to use as well.

As stated earlier, there are several other accommodations on the property so you might not be alone when walking around the grounds. Weddings are a common occurrence here but you likely won’t see one if you’ve booked the place.

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Tiny A-Frame near Plymouth, New Hampshire 

Located just a few minutes off I-93, there are abundant opportunities to take in the surrounding towns and attractions. Plymouth lies just south of the White Mountains and the  iconic trails that are found within them. But there is also so much more no matter you and your partner’s preferences.

Visit Tenney Mountain Ski Resort or Gunstock Mountain Resort for ski lovers both on and off the mountain. Gunstock is also tons of fun in the off-season complete with a mountain coaster to get your blood pumping. In the summer, you can also swim at some of the most unique places in the state. Sculptured Rocks Natural Area is one of the best swimming holes with its natural beauty and clear water. The water is cold but warm yourselves up by laying out on one of the many boulders that flank the river.

Don’t get me started on the food options. As a college town, Plymouth is chock full of great (and cheap) places to dine out which means you can save your money for another romantic getaway in the future. The Main Street Station is a great option for brunch and is popular among locals with its classic 1950s diner vibe. Foster’s Boiler Room (yes, it was once a boiler room for the nearby paper mill) allows diners to get up close and personal on the cushy couches. But if none of those sound appetizing, head to The Flying Monkey to see a show and grab some snacks from their takeout counter (order the Lobster Mac ‘n’ Cheese).

Recommended Stay: The G Frame

There’s a private, outdoor shower facing the surrounding forest where only the woodland creatures will know what you’re up to when you stay at The G Frame. This quaint home resides on top of a ravine in the heart of the Lakes Region. Named The G Frame (a combination of an A-frame and saltbox style home), this tiny house will easily fit into your plans for a romantic weekend away. The home is powered by the sun’s rays so you’ll have enough electricity to use the small hot plate or power small electronics.

You can heat the home by using the wood stove or I bet you can think of other activities to get your blood moving (wink wink). If the heat you’ve conjured with said activities still doesn’t provide enough warmth, you can always head to your private barrel sauna just outside the front door. The six-by-six-foot interior is cozy enough for two and the exact thing you might need to relax your muscles after a night of passion.

The tiny home is solar-powered meaning there aren’t a lot of modern amenities you’d find in other places. Running water? Nope. But there is an outdoor shower that uses a handheld shower pump for those visiting in the summer/fall months. Plus, you can use the foot pump for the small ceramic sink in the kitchenette.

There also isn’t a flushable toilet, however, the hosts did provide a compost toilet. Surprisingly, there’s an instruction manual that goes with it because apparently, not everyone knows how to use one. With all that said, these are amenities that lovebirds might not need simply because they’ll be more focused on the surrounding nature and each other.

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Tips for planning your next romantic getaway in New Hampshire

When deciding on what place to stay for a romantic getaway in New Hampshire, make sure you know the general area you want to hang out in. If all you care about is the place you’re staying and ensuring it has the amenities you need, put that at the forefront of your mind. But if you’d prefer to focus on the quaint New England towns, worry less about the space and more about the area. 

There are plenty of things to do in all seasons in New Hampshire but each brings their own quirks. Winter can bring loads of snow, especially in the northern regions so make sure you have a vehicle equipped to get to your destination. Springtime usually has a lot of rain and very muddy trail conditions meaning it could put a damper (pun intended) on your outdoor activities.

The fall is likely the busiest time to visit any area in New Hampshire. Thousands of “leaf peepers” as locals like to call them, swarm the wilderness of the Granite State and overrun a lot of those cute towns. If you want to avoid crowds either don’t go during peak foliage time or book a stay in the middle of the week.


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