19 RV Renovation & Remodel Instagram Accounts for Decor Ideas

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D.T. Christensen
June 25, 2019
Updated February 12, 2024

rv remodels and renovations
Photo: Courtney McGee / @thervpts

Forget bland wood paneling: today’s RV remodels and makeovers are bringing stylish, modern interior design to the open road.

When travel trailers became an icon of American leisure some 90 years ago, road-trippers embraced them with a hearty DIY spirit.

Magazines like Popular Mechanics offered homemade plans and tutorials to build your own trailer, and with more Americans having garages full of work space and tools, it was easier than ever to customize the perfect camper.

populer mechanics camper plans
Photo: Popular Mechanics

Some things don’t go out of fashion, including the fact that you don’t need to settle for ugly, outdated or kitschy RV decor that doesn’t suit your style.

Today’s RV owners have more resources at their fingertips than Popular Mechanics could ever offer back in the day, and Instagram is a great place to find modern and often easy-to-implement RV remodel ideas.

Here’s a look at 20 of our favorite RV renovation Instagram accounts from folks around the country who’ve remodeled everything from small vintage trailers to large fifth-wheel trailers that redefine what campers have to look – and live – like.

rv lifestyle

1. @TheRvPTs

Courtney and Drew McGee are traveling physical therapists who began full-time RV living in November 2018 after several months of intense and impressive RV remodeling.

Today, they travel the country with their two animals Dempsey and Dany, and their Instagram feed is a refreshing mix of before-and-after RV shots, travel scenes and of course, animals. They’ve recently moved into a new trailer, but there’s still a ton of updates, projects and ideas you’ll find throughout their IG.

For more details on their journey, you can read Courtney’s story on becoming a travel PT.

2. @shelbyadrift

Shelby and her husband Adam began RV life as a way to be together more often. Adam’s military work required them to move often, and living in an RV allowed Shelby to have a mobile home that moved with her husband as needed.

Her Instagram account features beautiful interior shots of her fifth wheel, picturesque travel scenes and more. Her boho-chic RV remodel has been featured on sites like Mountain Modern Life.

3. LeeAnn Mathus

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•Am I in heaven • .. I'm pretty sure this is what heaven looks like – – From the back row , left to right: -Luna: Rough Collie- talks a lot, likes pets -Honey: Bernese Mt. Dog- happiest goodest girl , likes pets From the front row , left to right: -Kali: American Eskimo- prissy princess, likes pets -Mara: Chihuahua- sleeps all day, likes pets -Maizy: Mutt- grumpy boss dog, likes pets -Hazel: Chorkie- obsessed with me, likes pets We managed to get 6 doggos in 188sqft and it was the best! Messy, but the best! #cozyonwheels #dogsofinstagram #chorkie #bernesemountaindog #americaneskimo #chihuahua #roughcollie #adoptdontshop #furryvanlifers #vanlife #campingwithdogs #fulltimerv #rvinspiration #glampinglife #homeiswhereyouparkit #homeonwheels #pursuepretty #camperrevamper #glamping #tinylivingproject #rvlife #apartmenttherapy #seehowwerv #rescuedog #muttsofinstagram #westelm #midcenturymodern #carafancy #campingwithdogs #rvinspirationphoto

A post shared by LeeAnn《RV lifestyle》 (@leeannieblivin) on

LeeAnn Mathus lives with her boyfriend and three dogs in a 188-foot renovated fifth wheel in Oregon.

Her Instagram account includes a peek into her trailer, what she describes as boho “glam with botanical elements.” It’s one of the best renovations we’ve seen on IG, and the fact that she does it with three dogs in tow is all the more impressive.

4. Karlee + Weston

Husband and wife team Karlee and Weston’s Instagram account focuses on family travel as much as it does on their beautifully renovated trailer.

Dig through their feed and you’ll find some impressive before and after shots that show just how far their trailer’s come, and plenty of ideas to implement on your own rig. 

5. Katie Musicco

“Life is short,” says Katie Musicco. “I believe in making it count, keeping it real and hugging as many dogs as possible.”

Making it count likely includes perfecting the art of the RV lifestyle, which is just one of Katie’s many talents. Aside from beautiful #rvreno shots, you’ll get a little health, wellness and fitness content on her Instagram account as well.

6. @ems_traveldiary

Emily is a travel nurse who isn’t tied down to her renovated boho trailer: in addition to camp life shots, she posts travel content from around the world.

It would be easy to mistake Emily’s renovated trailer for a chic urban condo, but she manages to pack all of it in a cozy and comfortable tiny living space that’s easy to move with her lifestyle.  

7. RVFixerupper

Interior designers Steve & Trina Sholin of Phoenix showcase their best work on this Instagram account, which offers some of the most stunning before and after takes on social media. 

After browsing through their feed, you’ll be convinced that RV renovations come easy (not the case), but that’s just a testament to how well their designs come together at the end of the project.

8. Mountain Modern Life

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What’s one kitchen gadget or appliance you couldn’t live without – tiny kitchen or not? Our juicer may be heavy-ish and take up a decent amount of counter space, and sometimes I bribe Eric to clean it, but oh my gosh I wouldn’t give it up for the world! Eric and I fell into some bad eating habits over the past few months and haven’t been juicing as much. I got sick last week and started getting back into it and all I can say is I 💛 my juicer. Not only does it taste soooo good but it makes me feel amazing (we generally stick to the 80% veggies/20% fruit ratio). Anytime someone comes over It’s likely I’ll excitedly shove a mason jar filled with it in their face and impatiently wait to see what they think. #sorrynotsorry 🙈

A post shared by Katie and Eric (@mountainmodernlife) on

Katie and Eric of Mountain Modern Life help folks “create the environment” they want to live in, and if you can’t find design and decor inspiration here, we can’t help ya.

Along with their own RV remodeling journey, they feature and interview others going through the same process, so there’s a ton of variety in their Instagram photos and links.

9. Pleading the Fifth Wheel

Not only do Dylan and Renee (and Griffin) possibly have the best named RV renovation Instagram, they also offer inspiration and design ideas to match.

Along with their remodeled 350-foot fifth wheel, they’ve also worked on renovating an R-Pod; between both campers, there’s no shortage of inspiring decor brainstorming to be had here.

10. Good on Wheels

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Swipe ➡️ for before and after. Perfection doesn’t exist without destruction. Flowers don’t bloom without rain. Light cannot be appreciated without darkness. You cannot build without things being unattached and dissembled. While the process may pain and inconvenience our lives, it is that very thing that grows our resilience, patience, grit, and confidence! – – – – – #tinykitchen #ahomemadehome #livesimple #housetohome #therollinghome #homeiswhereyouparkit #homeonwheels #cornerofmyhome #mypinterest #rvlifestyle #darlinghome #bloglovinhome #mybhg #rvliving #apartmenttherapy #camperlifestyle #myserie7 #smmakelifebeautiful #rvinspiration #sodomino #myhousebeautiful #hgtv #designsponge #ourtruehaven #howyouhome #rvreno #rvrenovation

A post shared by UsTheRemingtons | RV + Charity (@goodonwheels) on

Tiffany and Caleb are a lot of things, including full-time RVers and the founders of @vowofgiving, where they’re building a platform to help couples and wedding vendors raise money for charities.

Their own wedding raised more than $200,000 for five different charities, so as much as we dig their RV lifestyle content, they’re doing more than just looking good – they’re making a positive dent in the world.

11. The Roamin 30’s

Heather at The Roamin 30’s  offers a healthy mix of RV projects and personal inspiration, and we’re not mad about it.

Her wood-heavy RV remodel features clean white paint, a stellar use of plants and a cute dog named Pax, who has about 5 times the number of followers I have. You’ll be even more impressed to learn this RV reno was the first time Heather picked up a power tool in earnest.


12. Modern RV Interiors

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RV living DOES NOT mean you have to sacrifice comfort! @rachhupp is living in luxury with a full king size bed 🙌🏽 I am so so so loving the shiplap wall and light fixtures above the bed. Lighting upgrades make a world of difference and really gives it that homey feel we love so much . . . . What is your favorite part of this room? I would have to say mine is the light fixtures (obvi) and the chargers next to the bed. Functionally is so key. (I am also a huge sucker for cute throw pillows so that’s a close second!) . . . . Want to see some of my favorite weekly picks and design tips? I’d love to invite you to subscribe to my weekly emails! Link in Bio ☀️ . . . . #rvlife #interiordesign #rvrenovation #rvremodel #rv #rvfixerupper #fulltimerv #glamper #tinyhousemovement #homeonwheels #simpleliving #minimalism #moderncamper #rvinspiration #kitchendecor #kitchenremodel #fixerupper #hgtvmagazine #bossbabe #rvinspirationphoto #tinyhome #adventurers #lifeontheroad #luxurycamping

A post shared by Modern RV Interiors, LLC (@modernrvinteriors) on

Aside from Elise Sanchez’s inspirational RV reno posts on Instagram, her email newsletter offers helpful tips and advice on remodeling your own trailers.

Her trailer designs and decor embody light, bright tones and tasteful splashes of color that bring out the spaces – not the limitations – of the RVs she works on.

13. @fifth_wheel_living

Kir’s tiny house living takes place in a renovated fifth wheel, and here’s why. Their space is thoughtfully designed and often changes depending on the family’s priorities.

If her account does anything for us, it shows exactly how much you can do with a trailer’s slideouts. Don’t settle for the factory-standard couch: make it different and make it home.

14. The Flipping Nomad

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I've been stationary for about six weeks now and my heart is starting to ache for the road. I am missing my tribe of nomads something fierce!! 🚐 A very special group of them jumped in to help build my hauler and the 2011 Montana this winter. Both of the builds were done entirely off the grid! No easy task. I'm reminiscing on those times today so I thought I'd share some of these "behind the scenes" pics. 🚐 The last pic is when there were 6 people pushing to finish my hauler before its open house at the Xscapers Annual Bash. It was mass chaos but so fun at the same time! I am so grateful for this family of wanderers and wish I could squeeze every one of them right now! 😭

A post shared by Cortni 🚐 The Flipping Nomad (@theflippingnomad) on

Cortni walks the talk: she’s been a full-time RVer for more than 5 years, and documents the journey on her main Instagram, and her blog.

She specializes in creating and implementing RV remodels and designs “by full timers for full timers,” which is another way of saying she knows what she’s doing. Her social media offers plenty of renovation ideas, and RVers looking to have the job done for them can check out her custom RV design services.

15. The Happy Hideout

Justin and Chelsie Maury are a military couple with four kids, and their family-friendly RV remodel named Harry is the focus of their Instagram account

They made the decision to live in an RV full-time in just a matter of weeks, but you can tell from their feed the move’s worked well for them. They prove that even with kids, a complete RV remodel is practical and enjoyable.

16. Twinning in our Fifth Wheel

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WHY DID WE GO TINY? This is a question I get asked often, so I figured I would address it in a post. We moved up to Sacramento 3 years ago from Southern CA because Jason got offered a job up here, and we figured it would be a great move for the family. I found an apartment complex online, we knew nothing about the area, signed the lease, and crossed our fingers that when we moved here we would like the area and the apartment. It was a big risk that paid off. We lived in the apartment for two years, made some amazing friends in the complex, everything was great…except the forever growing price. Our rent was SO expensive and we started getting sick of how high it was. In those two years, I got my real estate license and started getting into my business. I developed a plan. I want to own investment property, and eventually we want to own our forever home. One thing we WON'T do, is buy a house and then he house broke. Not to mention we had some credit card debt too. I found @eamonandbec who are this awesome couple from Canada who converted their van and live in it, then I found a few others on YouTube and a light switch went off. LET'S GO TINY! I searched Instagram and the only person I saw back then was Trina @rvfixerupper who I can happily say is a friend now. I became obsessed with downsizing and selling everything, and we had to find a rig and renovate before our lease was up. We found one with 3 days left on our lease. Luckily, we had lots of Marriott points to use while we stayed in a hotel for a month while we painted and added new flooring. (Did I mention our car broke down the day we moved out?) lol. We moved in 1 year ago this week and wow, I still remember the fear that came over me the first day I stepped inside of it (pre renovation). I thought to myself what the hell did we just get into?? I channeled my inner Chip Gaines, started tearing cabinets down and got super super excited! The rest is history, best decision we have ever made. I can honestly say this is my favorite chapter in life. If you're considering going tiny, all I can say is DO IT. You'll feel so FREE! Swipe for the before #debtfreejourney #debtfreecommunity

A post shared by April/Motherhood/RV Lifestyle (@twinning_in_our_5thwheel) on

April and her family of 5 make the most of their fifth wheel based in Sacramento, and her before and after pics show just how far they’ve all come.

According to April, the best part of RV life and remodeling is the freedom that comes with owning less and experiencing more. The worst part? Weak water pressure, of course.

17. Renovating Rutters

Lee and Candace Rutter are expert RV flippers who homeschool two of their three children. Between kids, RV remodels and life, their Instagram feed offers brilliant ideas, design themes and more.

Check out their stories for behind-the-scenes info on their favorite tools of the RV flipping game and other useful advice.

18. Wilson Grand Adventures

The Wilsons are an adventurous family of four who’ve transformed their RV into a beautiful space highlighted by clean, spacious white spaces and subtle wood accents.

They manage to keep the white things clean by a few simple rules: no shoes in the house, eating only at the table and keeping a stack of fresh wash cloths ready for their kids’ feet at all times.

19. Lisa Rice

Lisa Rice, as they say online, has “niched down” in the RV remodel world, focusing only on tent trailers (pop ups). She fell in love with their compact layouts and now remodels and flips them in Oregon.


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For more open road inspiration, check out our favorite small travel trailers, DIY teardrop camper kits or hit the open road with our favorite road trips from Phoenix. You can also find great camping gear and ideas for wherever you set up shop.

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