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Photo of writer Keith LangstonKeith Langston

Keith Langston has spent the last decade moving and traveling around the world. To date, he’s lived in 10 destinations spanning 5 countries. His love of travel and adventure started at a young age while growing up in Ohio. Spending his evenings watching movies, he dreamed of having adventures and journeys just like the characters in the films. 

Once he got the chance, he started exploring the world, taking odd jobs in different countries and traveling around in his free time. Eventually, Langston enrolled in grad school to get his Master’s in writing so he could combine the love of storytelling he developed from his obsession with film and his passion for travel and adventure. 

Now, Langston lives out his two passions and writes about travel and entertainment, exploring worlds both real and fictional. On a typical day, you can find him walking along the river before the sun goes down and playing video games or watching movies at night. 



  • Topics of expertise: Travel, adventure, gear
  • Years of experience: 10
  • Favorite topics: Lodging, outdoor activities
  • Favorite piece of gear you’ve ever tested: My ROAM carry-on. Best luggage I’ve ever owned
  • Favorite travel destinations: Singapore, Banff, Key Largo, Bali
  • Past applicable professions: Being a broke young traveler gives you more experience than you’d think

Education and Experience

  • Education: BA in communications, MLA in writing 
  • Other places you write for: Insider, People, Lonely Planet, Digital Trends

About the Writer

  • Location: Austin, TX
  • Places You’ve Lived or Extensively Traveled: Chicago, LA, Melbourne, Mackinac Island, Auckland, Boston, Shanghai, New York City, NWT
  • Preferred Pronouns: He/Him
  • Social Media Links: @KeithFromOhio on Insta and Threads