The Best Outdoor Gifts for Any Adventure

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Heather Balogh Rochfort
November 13, 2023
Updated December 20, 2023

The Best Outdoor Gifts for Any Adventure

No matter the time of year, presents are always a good idea. These are our favorite outdoor gifts for the adventurer in your life.

Outdoor adventurers are a unique breed. We sleep in the dirt, shoulder ungodly loads on our back, and push our endurance to its limits—often in uncomfortable ways. But somehow, amidst all of the sweat and discomfort, we find immense joy in spending time outside.

Our team at Territory Supply is no different. Our contributing writers live all over the country and do everything from hiking and biking to ultra-running and bikepacking. We’ve never met an outdoor adventure we didn’t like—as long as we have the proper gear. 

Below you’ll find our favorite outdoor gifts for any adventurer in your life, as sourced by our team of contributors. There were no rules; we just asked what do you love the most and this is what they said. We promise you’ll find something to love on our list.

Wallaroo Montecito Hat

The Wallaroo Montecito Hat
Pennington is all smiles in her Montecito Hat

Playing outside typically means protecting your face from the sun, but why not do that with style? Contributor Emily Pennington recommends the Wallaroo Montecito, her top choice for a hat that can go anywhere or do anything. “This small, Boulder-based company offers surprisingly stylish UPF 50+ hats that are packable and cute with any outfit,” Pennington says.

Buy on Wallaroo Buy on Amazon


Tenkara Rod Co. Beartooth Kit

We’re not sure which is more aesthetic: the scenery of McMahon’s casts with his Tenkara

One of the most idyllic ways to go fly fishing is by packing into the backcountry, but that often adds a ton of weight to your load. Not so with the Tenkara Rod Beartooth Kit, a favorite of contributor Arthur McMahon. Unlike traditional setups, Tenkara rods don’t use reels; it’s just a collapsible rod (it goes down to 14 inches) and a fly line. “With this rod, I can fish any backcountry lake or stream,” says McMahon. “It weighs less than three ounces, making it exceptionally easy to pack and carry.”

Buy at Tenkara Rod Co.


A Park Pass to Anywhere

Park passes: so much adventure in a little package.

Contributor Sarah Lamagna recommends snagging a park pass for your favorite adventurer. The one you choose will depend on where you live or your future travel plans, but there are plenty of options.  Lamagna lives in New Hampshire so she has memberships to the Appalachian Mountain Club, Granite Outdoor Alliance, a New Hampshire State Parks pass, and a National Parks Pass. “I’ve always enjoyed the gift of experiences rather than more stuff,” Lamagna says. 

National Park Pass

Buy at USGS

Appalachian Mountain Club

Buy at AMC


Bean Box World Coffee Tour

A selection of bags of coffee

On the surface, this delightful coffee package may not look like an outdoor gift, but Pennington has a point. “For a lot of outdoorsy folks [who don’t enjoy snowy activities], winter can be a bit of a bummer,” she says. “But Bean Box’s World Tour helps your taste buds travel, even when you’re stuck indoors.” And also: we can count on one hand the number of outdoor friends who don’t enjoy a good cuppa java. 

Buy on Amazon Buy at Bean Box

La Sportiva Ultra Raptor II Mid GTX Boots

The La Sportiva Ultra Raptor boots are literally made for walking.

If you’re gifting a hiker or backpacker, consider these favorite boots of contributor Bernadette Rankin who notes that “Every adventure begins with a good pair of shoes.” The Sportiva Ultra Raptors are waterproof midcuts that will shed Mother Nature like a champion, while also protecting your feet on the go. “These are as dependable as they come to keep your muddy and cold adventure at a consistent Type I,” says Rankin.

Buy at REI Buy at La Sportiva


Blizzard Rustler 11 Skis

Quigley already has his Rustlers out in the snow and ready for the season.

Shredding season is upon us. And if you’re like contributor Damian Quigley, you’ll be hitting the slopes with your Blizzard Rustler 11 skis. Designed for days when the powder is plenty and you’re freeriding your mountain dreams, Quigley says the Rustlers give “skiers confidence to blast through any type of snow, while retaining the playful pop that freeriders love when they’re hunting side-hits down the mountain.”

Buy on Backcountry Buy at Blizzard Tecnica


Ignick Gas Growler Deluxe

Weintraub raves about the cost-effectiveness of the Growler Deluxe.

“Save the environment and your wallet with a more sustainable, cost-effective solution to power your heater or stove,” says Territory Supply contribute Jennifer Weintraub. This 1.2 gallon reusable propane tank replaces up to FIVE of those smaller single-use green propane tanks we all buy, enormously cutting down on waste and simplifying everybody’s life. Tanks are shipped ready to be filled, so there is literally nothing easier. No wonder the Growler won a ton of awards!

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Peak Design Capture Camera Clip

Never miss a photo again thanks to the Capture Camera Clip.

Budding photographers, take note: the Capture Camera Clip is a favorite of Rankin thanks to its easy access; the clip secures directly to your backpack straps so your DSLR camera is on your chest and within reach at all times. “[It] is the difference between capturing a once-in-a-lifetime picture or living with the bottomless regret of missing that magical moment,” says Rankin. 

Buy at REI Buy at Peak Design


Teren Daily Driver Shirt

Fancy and functional, with a slim-fit that works for most adventure traveling.

Combine everyday fashion and outdoor performance with this Daily Driver Shirt, one of Pennington’s favorites. “The Daily Driver Shirt is well-fitted, has fun prints like axes and carabiners, and is equally at home at a chic restaurant as it is on the trail,” she says. Bonus: Thanks to the bamboo fabric, you can wear it more than a couple of times before it starts to stink. How’s that for functionality?

Buy at Teren


Conner Bird and Feather Wool Hat

Balogh Rochfort has packed this hat into suitcases dozens of times, and it’s still going strong.

I’ve owned this hat for nearly five years and it’s become a bit of my trademark; you’ll see it perched on my head in a lot of online photos. It has great style, but its real superpower is its functionality. It’s constructed with Australian wool so it’s breathable, waterproof, and warm—all things I need here in the mountains of Colorado. But the best part: it’s crushable. I’ve mashed and smashed the hat into suitcases and backpacks, and it always comes out delightfully uncrumpled in the end. 

Buy at Conner


Mack Weldon Silver Denim

A guy wears a pair of Mack Weldon jeans standing against a white wall
Mack Weldon’s silver denim looks sophisticated, but are made for adventure

Editor Keith Langston loves the combination of style and durability in Mack Weldon’s silver denim. “Made with silver-lined Ionic+ fabric, Mack Weldon’s new jeans are both antimicrobial and anti-odor, so I’m able to wear them for an entire trip without feeling like they’re dirty,” says Langston. “They also have a great combo of being designed with thicker fabric that’s got some stretch to it, so they’re super comfy and durable to wear during hikes.” From the plane to the trail, these jeans work well in tons of environments. 

Buy at Mack Weldon


Tera Kaia Toura Basewear Top

The Toura top is so comfortable that you’ll wear it anywhere—even the local sunflower field.

Contributor Sarah Boles loves the Toura top thanks to its versatility. “I wear it for everything,” she says, including hiking, climbing, swimming, paddling, teaching, and even frolicking in sunflower fields. Boles notes that she even sleeps in the top on occasion since it’s so comfortable, and it carried her through nursing her two young children. 

Buy at Tera Kaia


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