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Damian Quigley

Damian Quigley is a writer and adventure traveler who grew up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. After attending the University of Vermont, he moved west to pursue his love for the outdoors and spent a number of years playing in Wyoming’s Teton Range before settling in Denver, where he currently resides. With the Rocky Mountains as his playground, he’s been testing and reviewing outdoor gear here for over a decade. When he’s not there, you might find him skiing across the globe, sailing through the Caribbean or standing front row at the nearest live music venue.


  • Topics of expertise: Skiing, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Backpacking, Sailing, gear!
  • Years of experience in these topics: 20+
  • Favorite topic to write about: Skiing
  • Favorite piece of gear you’ve ever tested: Yeti SB 165 Mountain Bike
  • Favorite travel destinations: Utah, Alaska, European Alps
  • Past applicable professions: Publisher / Freeskier

Education and Experience:

  • Education: University of Vermont
  • Books or other publications: FREESKIER

About the Writer

  • Location: Denver, CO
  • Places You’ve Lived or Extensively Traveled: Dublin, Jackson, Denver