8 Extraordinary Cabin Rentals In Anchorage, Alaska

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October 23, 2019
Updated February 12, 2024

best cabin rentals anchorage alaska
Photo: VRBO

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Have Alaskan reality television shows given you a bad case of cabin fever? Then you’ve come to the right place.

There’s something about cabin living in Alaska that captivates us. The reality of year-round living in Alaska may be too harsh for most people to make the big move, but fortunately vacation rental sites like Airbnb and VRBO make it easy to get a taste of Alaskan cabin life for a weekend.

Whether you’re a city dweller or nature lover, you’ll love the cabins in Anchorage, Alaska. It’s a haven for rustic cabin retreats that don’t have to tip the scale of extreme, making cabin living accessible for every type of outdoor enthusiast.

Anchorage is a cultural hub, mixing an urban setting with the surrounding frontier. Venture around town and you’ll find an array of galleries, museums, and restaurants to choose from.

You’ll see plenty of peculiar wildlife in the area, too. Anchorage has an estimated population of 1,900 moose residing in the area, who share the space with Dall sheep, bald eagles, lynx, and bears.

Needless to say, if you’re looking for a fun way to explore Anchorage or want to get a taste of Alaskan living, you should shack up for a few nights in a cozy Anchorage cabin.

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1. Birchwood Log Home

Birchwood Log Home in Anchorage Alaska
Photo: Airbnb

Why you should stay here: A destination log cabin for families to build memories and explore what Anchorage has to offer.

  • Sleeps: 3
  • Minimum stay: 2 nights
  • Pets allowed: No

Winter or summer, the Birchwood Log Home is a choice retreat any time of year. Take a look for yourself and you’ll quickly see that this cabin exudes pure Alaskan luxury.

This rustic cabin has high ceilings in the main living area with plenty of windows to let in the natural sunlight and epic mountain views.

Able to sleep up to seven guests, the Birchwood Log Home is packed to the brim with amenities. There are a total of four bedrooms, so should you be maxing out your occupancy, a couple of you can have a sleepover on the convertible sofa beds.

Situated in a quiet neighborhood, the Birchwood Log Home is a great destination for families, fishermen, and explorers alike.

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2. The Hiland Hideaway

The Hiland Hideaway near Anchorage Alaska
Photo: VRBO

Why you should stay here: An eclectic yet modern cabin that boasts spectacular mountain views and enviable amenities.

  • Sleeps: 6
  • Minimum stay: 3 nights
  • Rates From: $181/night

The Hiland Hideaway in Eagle River strikes the perfect balance between rustic architecture and modern decor. It’s an authentic wood cabin on the outside, modern retreat on the inside, and exploding with colorful character from top to bottom.

Outside the Hiland Hideaway, guests will find an expansive deck replete with a jacuzzi, fire pit, propane heater, BBQ grill, and plenty of seating to soak in the Northern Lights.

Step inside and you’ll discover modern accommodations with ample space for a family of six. A tour of the home reveals handcrafted beds, cozy furniture, and a full kitchen with modern appliances and gorgeous granite countertops.

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3. The Mayor’s Cabin

The Mayor's Cabin in Anchorage Alaska
Photo: VRBO

Why you should stay here: A revamped Lincoln Log-style cabin built by one of Anchorage’s own mayors.

  • Sleeps: 4
  • Minimum stay: 1 night
  • Rates from: $129/night

The Mayor’s Cabin was built by Mayor Maynard Taylor back in 1946. The quaint 700 square foot cabin was constructed from solid wood logs, and the original metal roof is still intact.

Step inside the front door and the interior is a whole new story, featuring a bright, clean layout with a modern touch and spacious feel.

Besides the interior decorating, the cabin has undergone some welcomed renovations including the kitchen, wiring, and plumbing — meaning you can skip the undesirable nuances of old rustic charm.

Able to sleep up to four guests, the Mayor’s Cabin features WiFi, Apple TV, and a fenced-in yard. Located a few minutes from downtown, you can enjoy a nice cabin retreat without needing to go deep into the woods.

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4. Authentic Alaskan Homestead

Authentic Alaskan Homestead in Anchorage
Photo: VRBO

Why you should stay here: Remodeled Alaskan homestead featured on the Discovery and History Channels.

  • Sleeps: 7
  • Minimum stay: 1 night
  • Rates from: $199/night

Wish you could live the Alaskan cabin life like they do on tv? At the Authentic Alaskan Homestead, you absolutely can.

The Authentic Alaskan Homestead has been featured on both the Discovery and History Channels, and it’s easy to see why when you take a look around the beautiful property.

Built in 1952, the Authentic Alaskan Homestead rests on a 3.5 acre lot with scenic views of the Chugach Mountains. The cabin itself has undergone some renovations since its initial construction to make it an even more inviting, cozy space.

Adorned with wildlife mounts and old-school outdoor gear, the living area and breakfast nook deliver an old man/hunter vibe. Meanwhile, the stylishly remodeled bathroom and kitchen are in line with modern style.

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5. The Alaskan Dream

Alaskan Dream cabin in Anchorage
Photo: VRBO

Why you should stay here: Sprawl out inside or outside at a spacious cabin that’s minutes away from the scenic Seward Highway.

  • Sleeps: 6
  • Minimum stay: 1 night
  • Rates from: $74/night

If living large is your idea of a dream getaway, you’ll want to check out the digs at the Alaskan Dream cabin. Located minutes from the Seward Highway, the Alaskan Dream cabin is roomy, to say the least.

The deck alone offers 800 square feet of prime relaxation, while inside the amenities include everything you need (and then some). This includes a master suite with a whirlpool bath, a ridiculously oversized garage, a well-stocked kitchen, and a wood burning fireplace.

From the guest room to the entire home, there are several booking options to choose from. If you don’t mind sharing space, you can do a partial rental with the primary residents.

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6. Chugach Cabin

Chugach Cabin in Anchorage Alaska
Photo: VRBO

Why you should stay here: A cabin in the woods experience on the outskirts of town.

  • Sleeps: 10
  • Minimum stay: 5 nights
  • Rates from: $300/night

For those looking for a more cabin in the woods experience, book a stay at the Chugach Cabin. Situated on the outskirts of town, the Chugach Cabin butts up against the border of Chugach State Park.

The large windows in the living area feature lovely views while the elbows-up kitchen table calls you to dinner. Retreat to the couch when you’re full for a relaxing read and warming fire.

The Chugach Cabin can accommodate up to 10 guests thanks to the additional private suites and three bathrooms.

Situated not far from town yet enough of a distance to get away, the Chugach Cabin is perfect for those who like to get out and explore.

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7. Alaskan Log Cabin

Alaskan Log Cabin in Anchorage
Photo: VRBO

Why you should stay here: All the perks you need for a memorable immediate family reunion near Eagle River.

  • Sleeps: 15
  • Minimum stay: 2 nights
  • Rates from: $250/night

The Alaskan Log Cabin was made for a family retreat. Featuring a whopping 2,600 square feet of living space, the Alaskan Log Cabin can accommodate up to 15 guests of all ages.

There are five bedrooms in total, the highlight being the king-sized log bed in the master bedroom. Flip a coin then take your pick.

There’s also a washer and dryer on site, along with a full kitchen and ample entertaining space.

The kids will keep busy playing foosball in the basement and volleyball in the backyard. Meanwhile, the adults can soak in the hot tub or relax by a fire inside or outside.

When you’re ready to explore, slip into your hiking shoes and check out Eagle River and the trails nearby.

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8. Log Cabin Retreat

Log Cabin Retreat in Anchorage Alaska
Photo: Airbnb

Why you should stay here: A quiet retreat and picture-perfect setting for those seeking the simpler ways of life.

  • Sleeps: 3
  • Minimum stay: 2 nights
  • Pets allowed: No

The Log Cabin Retreat is a gorgeous hand-scribed cabin situated on a 3.5 acre property near Far North Bicentennial Park. The floor-to-ceiling woodworking provides a comfortable space for couples and outdoorsy-types seeking a slower pace.

To access the sleeping corridors, climb the ladder to the loft bedroom. Here you’ll find a peaceful space to sleep, read, and ponder.

When it’s time to wake up, brew a morning cup of Joe and start the day right with a sunrise view from the front porch. After making breakfast in the efficiently laid-out kitchen, get some more fresh air by hitting up one of the nearby trailheads.

The cabin is equipped with WiFi, so you can unplug when you want and log back in when you need to.

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Things To Do In Alaska

Hiking in Chugach State Park near Anchorage Alaska

From city life to outdoor recreation, Anchorage certainly doesn’t fall short on things to do. If you’re looking to add a few places to your itinerary, we’ve got some primo recommendations.

First, you can’t visit Anchorage without ordering up a pie at the Moose’s Tooth. While we won’t tell you which signature pizza to get, let this just sink in — the Mac-n-Cheese features macaroni and reindeer sausage.

To work off some of the carbs, take a stroll along the 11 mile Coastal Trail with views of Denali in the distance. You can also make a memorable trip to any of the 60 glaciers that are within a 50 mile radius of Anchorage.

As for the little ones, they’ll love spending the day at the nonprofit Alaska Zoo.

Once the kids have had their fun, find some fun yourself at Midnight Sun Brewing Co. There are plenty of good brews to be had around Anchorage, but this brewery is not to be missed.

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