Sleeping In The Trees: The Best Treehouse Rentals in Hot Springs, Arkansas

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Sarah Boles
September 12, 2023
Updated October 15, 2023

A large loving room inside one of the treehouses
Photo: Sarah Boles

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There’s something magical about being off the ground, whether you’re scaling a rock face, climbing a fire tower, paragliding – or sleeping in a treehouse.

Staying in a treehouse combines the best parts of camping and a hotel. Treehouses combine the fresh air and natural light with the comforts of flush toilets and air conditioning. If nothing else, staying in a Hot Springs treehouse puts more space between you and the mounds of fire ants: always a good thing.

I got the chance to spend a night at In The Trees, one of our favorite treehouse rentals in Hot Springs, Arkansas. It’s magical, peaceful, and secluded—like any good treehouse should be.


Why You Should Stay in a Treehouse in Hot Springs

A treehouse on stilts in Hot Springs, Arkansas
Photo: Sarah Boles

As someone who has battled anxiety my entire life, I cannot underscore the impact of a calming place to rest while traveling. I’m happy to report that every inch of these tree houses exudes a calming vibe.

Every design element has purpose and efficiency, from the abundant natural light that fills each room to the vaulted ceilings that create an airy, open feel. I fell asleep each night looking forward to snuggling in the plush bed a little longer than I would if I were at home, listening to the birds, and watching natural light flood the bedroom as the sun rises. And don’t worry: If you’re not into sunlight wake-up calls, In The Trees provides satin eye masks. So fancy!

Speaking of fancy, don’t forget to open the armoires because you’ll find some plush robes ready to go. My kids appreciated the kid-sized robes and put them on the minute we returned to the treehouse, and even slept in them one night. There is even a “robe” waiting for your cell phone—not a typo. It’s more of a sleeping bag perhaps. Regardless, it’s another way they invite you to unplug and relax during your stay.

If we could pick a favorite part of this property, the deck wins. Step out of the living room and onto a large wooden deck with outdoor seating around a fire pit and a hot tub (the kids loved that they could control the tub’s temperature and light colors). The view from here is a densely wooded mountainside thanks to a strategically placed privacy wall that ensures you won’t remember another treehouse is nearby. And, you can even see the Hot Springs Fire Tower!

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They’re Close to the Fun

Lamar Bathhouse in Hot Springs, Arkansas
Photo: Sarah Boles

Most people visit Hot Springs to experience its unique mix of history and nature. This property sits uphill from downtown Hot Springs and its historic Bathhouse Row, tucked into the mountainside adjacent to the national park. On your way up, you pass a trailhead for the national park’s Balanced Rock Trail, as well as mountain biking hubs Waterworks and Cedar Glades Park. Known as the Northwoods, this area is well-loved by hikers and has the best mountain biking in the region. In fact, the entrance to Cedar Glades sits under a quarter-mile from the entrance to In The Trees.

The Realities of Sleeping in a Treehouse

For those of you wondering if In The Trees treehouses will work for the three and under crowd – yes. We’ve stayed in rentals before where all my toddler had to do was twist the door handle and he was out the front door. But that isn’t the case here. The owners have six kids and it shows through in the little details around the treehouse, such as interior locks on the front and back doors.

The only drawback to staying at the treehouses at In The Trees is having to navigate the steep ladder to and from the loft. For us, this means I guide little legs down the ladder the first handful of times. For others with mobility issues or young toddlers, consider reserving one of the treehouses that does not have a loft.

Other Great Treehouse Rentals in Hot Springs

Our time at In The Trees has raised the bar for lodging when we travel. But if we ever learn there isn’t availability at their treehouses, here are other Hot Springs-area treehouses we recommend.


Deer Run Treehouse

A bedroom with a bed with a deer pillow

Why stay here: Secluded area surrounded by trails and woods

  • Sleeps: 4
  • Minimum stay: 1 night
  • Starting at: $229/night
Check Availability

Located about a mile further up the mountains from In The Trees sits Starlight Haven, a property that has treehouse and dome rentals. All the treehouses have private decks with a hot tub, porch swing, gas grill, and sweeping views of the wooded Ouachita Mountains. While most of Starlight Haven’s treehouses have a studio layout, its premier treehouse rental – Deer Run – features a bedroom separated from the rest of the living space by a gorgeous, antique French door wall.

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Lake Catherine Treehouse

A treehouse deck overlooking the valley

Why stay here: Fun property on one of the calmer lakes in Hot Springs

  • Sleeps: 6
  • Minimum stay: 2 nights
  • Starting at: $190/night
Check Availability

Even beyond the namesake springs, Hot Springs is a water-centered town. The Ouachita River was dammed to form Lake Catherine, and this treehouse property sits on its banks. The rental comes with all sorts of lake toys, including kayaks, a paddle board, and a paddle boat. Relax by the shore in the private picnic area or on the swing on the wraparound deck.


Pam’s Tree Cabins

House on stilts in the woods

Why stay here: Listen to the spring-fed creek rush past as you relax on your private deck

  • Sleeps: 2
  • Minimum stay: 1 night
  • Starting at: $139/night
Check Availability

Located about 20 minutes from Bathhouse Row, Pam’s Tree Cabins sit near the entrance to Lake Catherine State Park. This is my favorite area to hike in all of Hot Springs: less crowds, no traffic noise, and lots of natural beauty. Head to the state park campground and hike to Falls Creek Falls, a waterfall located near the lake that has a fantastic swimming hole even in the summer when the falls may not flow.

As far as the actual lodging, the tree cabins have everything you need for a Hot Springs basecamp, including a peaceful deck overlooking the creek outside and an oversized jacuzzi tub inside. Just a heads up, the property does not have WiFi.


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