Few places scream “Pacific Northwest!” as proudly as the waterfall wonderland that is the Columbia River Gorge.

5 Must-See Waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge

What the miniscule Fairy Falls lacks in immensity, they more than make up for in intimacy.

Fairy Falls

"This place was once called Ghost Falls, but has since been renamed to better reflect its more Fern Gully-esque magical presence." Arthur McMahon

Behold the tallest, most well-known, and most breathtaking waterfall in all of Oregon.

Multnomah Falls

"Ice cold waters plummet 620 feet over two tiers, falling from their source high on Larch Mountain in what may be the most magical scenery in the Pacific Northwest." Arthur McMahon

This is the second tallest waterfall in the Columbia River Gorge, and the closest major waterfall to the Portland metro area.

Latourell Falls

"The falls were named after Joseph Latourell, a prominent Columbia River Gorge settler who became postmaster of a nearby post office. His family cabin still stands near the park’s picnic area." Arthur McMahon

No Columbia River Gorge trip is complete without a visit to Starvation Creek Falls.

Starvation Creek Falls

"There’s a hike that heads closer to the falls, though the view from the picnic area is equal in grandeur to any viewpoint on the trail." Arthur McMahon

This is a magnificent waterfall that can be enjoyed completely from the day use area at its base.

Wahkeena Falls

"Translated from the local Yakama language, 'Wahkeena' is interpreted as 'most beautiful'. These tumbling falls drop and cascade at different lengths over various rocky formations." Arthur McMahon