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Lauren Breedlove

Lauren Breedlove is a freelance travel writer and photographer based in Upstate New York, contributing to publications like Travel + Leisure, Food & Wine, Thrillist, AFAR, and Matador Network, as well as keeping it real on her blog, She thrives on exploring off-the-beaten-path, outdoor exploits, absorbing local culture, random adventures, and grilled cheese. She can’t keep her camera out of her hand and her photography has been featured in various gallery shows and magazines. Lauren graduated from St. Michael’s College with dual bachelor’s degrees in elementary education and theater and then worked as a school teacher in New York City before following her dream of becoming a travel writer and photographer. She’s explored more than 45 countries, embarked on countless outdoor adventures, and won’t pass up a food truck or dive bar. Ever.


  • Topics of expertise: Travel + outdoors
  • Years of experience in these topics: 9+
  • Favorite topic to write about: Travel, Off-the-beaten-path, outdoors, authentic culture, photography
  • Favorite piece of gear you’ve ever tested: Sony 600mm GM wildlife lens
  • Favorite travel destinations: Faroe Islands, New Zealand, Italy, Islands of Tahiti

Education and Experience:

  • Education: BA in Theater + Elementary Education from St. Michael’s College, Burlington
  • Awards: Won an editor’s award in National Geographic’s Travel Photographer of the Year contest and was shortlisted for photo titled ‘Lady Havana’
  • Other places you write for: Travel + Leisure, Food & Wine, AFAR, Thrillist, Matador Network, Roadtrippers, TravelPulse

About the Writer

  • Currently Lives: Upstate New York
  • Places You’ve Lived or Extensively Traveled: Lived: New York City, The Adirondacks, Vermont, Italy, Bali | Extensively Traveled: Iceland, Bali, Faroe Islands, Italy

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