The 8 Best Campervan Rentals in Austin, Texas

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April 28, 2022
Updated October 02, 2023

best campervan rentals austin
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Looking for a unique road trip? Hop on the campervan craze, straight from the Texas capital. We’ve listed some of the best campervan rentals in Austin.

If you want to get from one place in Texas to another, you’ll really need a car since the public transportation options between big cities, state and national parks, and other attractions aren’t the best. But rather than settling in for hours of driving in your run-of-the-mill sedan, why not make an adventure out of it with a campervan?

Behind the wheel of a thoughtfully decked-out campervan, you can enjoy even more of what the state has to offer since your accommodations are right there with you, everywhere you go. It’s pretty useful considering how large the distances can get between destinations in Texas and how far off you may be from other accommodations (or how far off you may want to be from the civilization). Plus, when the feeling to move on hits, you can pack up and go without any fuss.

Best Campervan Rentals in Austin – Our Top Picks

There’s no better place to start your campervan excursion than from Austin, the centrally located capital of the state. You may not have a vehicle of your own, but one of the following campervan rentals in Austin could be the perfect fit for your journey.

1. Voyager Campervans

voyager campervan rental austin
Photo: Voyager Campervans

Why you should rent: Renting is made easy with these budget-friendly campervans from a reputable brand.

  • Sleeps: 2
  • Minimum stay: 5 nights
  • Rates from: $125/night

With a presence in multiple cities across the country, Voyager Campervans is a well-known name in the campervan industry. They also happen to offer some pretty affordable rates compared to other options out there, and their rental pricing includes 125 miles per day.

There’s just one type of Voyager campervan available for Austin: the Minny V2. In this van, you’ll be able to sleep on a double bed, and you’ll have your essentials covered with a cooking stove, a solar-powered refrigerator, and a sink with an electric water source.

Big plus: You’re allowed to take your van to music festivals! That’s not always a given with campervan rentals. You can even go all the way to Canada if you’d like, but Mexico is off-limits (insurance reasons). If you’re really open to any destination and experience, you may want to take a look at what one-way trips are available on the website to get a discounted nightly rate.

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2. 1984 Volkswagen Westfalia Vanagon

westfalia campervan rental austin
Photo: Outdoorsy

Why you should rent: You have all the basics you need in this well-maintained, vintage Volkswagen.

  • Sleeps: 4
  • Minimum stay: 1 night
  • Rates from: $195/night

If you’re a sucker for a vintage look, then the 1984 Volkswagen Westfalia Vanagon, which is painted a nice shade of burnt sienna, is calling your name.

While the simple interior may not match that flashy campervan aesthetic you see on Instagram, you’ll have everything you need to sleep, eat, and chill comfortably on the road, including a refrigerator, stove, sink, seating area, and pop top with extra sleeping space. And thanks to an auxiliary battery set-up that’s solar-charged, the fridge, interior lights, charging outlets, and sink can run all day every day.

One important thing to note: You’re only allowed to take this van around Texas, so plan your itinerary accordingly. You will get 175 miles included per day though, which is the most out of all the options on this list!

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3. Big Frida

dodge campervan rental austin
Photo: Outdoorsy

Why you should rent: This eco-friendly van offers a cheery, cute interior.

  • Sleeps: 2
  • Minimum stay: 3 nights
  • Rates from: $195/night

A custom-outfitted 2019 Dodge Promaster 2500, Big Frida may look like a plain white van from the outside, but inside you’ll find a brightly colored, boho-style interior. She also happens to be quite tall so don’t try to drive her through any parking garages or drive-thrus, but it’ll be no trouble at all riding around on the wide-open roads of Texas.

If you’re planning on lots of outdoor time during your van adventure, ask the host/owner to include the camping chairs, folding table, and camp stove. Otherwise, there’s an inside kitchen fully stocked with the equipment you need and an electric induction stovetop.

Included with your rental is 100 miles free per day. That doesn’t mean you have to stop at 100 miles though—you’ll just have to be prepared for the extra charge for each additional mile.

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4. Skoolie Mini BUS Solar

schoolie campervan rental austin
Photo: Outdoorsy

Why you should rent: This quirky, colorful bus includes membership to a useful camping network.

  • Sleeps: 6
  • Minimum stay: 2 nights
  • Rates from: $245/night

There are your average, non-descript campervans, and then there’s the Skoolie Mini BUS Solar. Painted a bright shade of blue and decorated in modern furnishings, this converted mini school bus is truly like a little family home on wheels. There’s a pull-down murphy bed plus more sleeping room in the pop-up tent, and you can even ask for a portable children’s crib.

One lovely luxury of this rental is the facilities inside: an indoor shower and an indoor toilet (only for going #1 please). Another bonus is that renting this bus comes with a membership to Harvest Hosts, a network for accessing unique camping locations for free.

You get 100 miles free per day with this rental, but if you’re planning a longer trip that’ll take you over 400 miles, make sure to get pre-approval from the host/owner first.

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5. 2021 Winnebago Solis 59PX

winnebago campervan rental austin tx
Photo: Outdoorsy

Why you should rent: With all its special touches, this fully outfitted campervan is ready for off-grid excursions.

  • Sleeps: 4
  • Minimum stay: 2 nights
  • Rates from: $275/night

The 2021 Winnebago Solis 59PX is a spacious choice for a small group of friends or family. You and your crew can spread out here between the sleeping areas inside and up top, and there’s no need to fight since both are around the same queen size. When things get hot, there’s air conditioning, and when it gets chilly, there’s a furnace to keep you warm.

If you’re not experienced in driving a campervan, you’ll appreciate the rear camera anytime you’re backing up into a spot. But when it’s time to go off-grid, that’s a cinch too thanks to its solar panel, generator, interior shower, fresh water tank, and all-terrain tires.

Maybe you have a plan of where you want to go, and maybe you don’t. You don’t have to stress so much about keeping under your allotted mileage since this rental includes 150 miles free per day.

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6. 2021 Mercedes-Benz 4×4 Winnebago Revel

revel campervan rental austin
Photo: Outdoorsy

Why you should rent: A young family fits perfectly in this tough-looking camper.

  • Sleeps: 4
  • Minimum stay: 2 nights
  • Rates from: $320/night

Compact but tall, this 2021 Mercedes-Benz 4×4 Winnebago Revel looks ready for action, and you can get into some pretty fun adventures seeing as it’s music festival and tailgating–friendly. If you’re coming with young kids, you may want to ask to tack on the bunk bed system that’s available for an additional small fee. If you have a pup, you’ll be happy to know they’re allowed in here too!

Living on the go is made more comfortable with the shower and toilet inside the van. Also, there’s a bike rack and chairs you can ask about including as well.

As you plot out your journey, know that you get 150 miles included per day with this campervan rental. That’s a pretty sizable amount compared to some other rentals out there.

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7. 2011 Ford E350

hipster campervan rental austin
Photo: Outdoorsy

Why you should rent: You’ll feel at home on the road in this tastefully designed van for two.

  • Sleeps: 2
  • Minimum stay: 1 night
  • Rates from: $130/night

With its bamboo floors and pinewood walls, the interior of this 2011 Ford E350 looks kind of like a cozy little room you’d find in a quaint Airbnb. Oh, and did we mention the memory foam mattress? What you can’t see is that there’s actually insulation in the floor, roof, and walls, which means there’s also a good amount of temperature control. Cooking-wise, there are two coolers and a portable camping stove.

Given that this is a passenger van, you’ll probably find it easier to drive and park than some of the other larger campervans out there. And while this campervan is perfect for two people, your pets are also allowed—you’ll just have to cover the additional cleaning fee.

Looking at the mileage you get with the rental, you’ll have 100 miles free per day before you start incurring an extra charge.

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8. Happy the Camper

solis campervan rental austin
Photo: Outdoorsy

Why you should rent: This clean, stream-lined camper is easy to drive.

  • Sleeps: 4
  • Minimum stay: 2 nights
  • Rates from: $245/night

A 2021 Winnebago Solis 59P, Happy the Camper has room for four but if you’re fewer passengers, you can take your pick between sleeping on the Murphy bed inside or up on the pop-top (both are around the same size as a queen-sized bed).

In terms of the other essentials and amenities on board, you can store your food in a mini-fridge with a freezer, cook a meal on the propane cooktop, and wash up in the kitchen sink or exterior wash stations. In terms of washing yourself, there’s conveniently a shower inside. Want to make your van life a little more luxurious? You can request extras like a French press and fan from the host/owner.

When you rent this van, 100 miles a day are included. But if you’re planning on staying in the Austin metro area, you can actually get a special rate.

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