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Attractions (And Oddities) Along Arizona's Interstate 40

Attractions (And Oddities) Along Arizona's Interstate 40

Across Arizona, Interstate 40, which runs from Barstow, California, all the way to Wilmington, North Carolina, runs parallel to or overlays that famed Mother Road — Route 66. And while the high-speed highway makes travel a bit easier, it retains much of its historic charm. Take, for example, this handful of attractions. You’ll find them along the main drag, as well as just a bit off the beaten path.

Although Burma-Shave’s original ads along Route 66 didn’t withstand the test of time, heat or history, replicas dot the highway between Kingman and Ash Fork. Among the clever rhymes? “You can drive a mile a minute, but there is no future in it.” Catch them running both east and westbound, but remember: “Thirty days hath September, April, June … and the speed offender.”

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