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Sarah Boles knew she loved writing by fourth grade, but didn’t know where to direct her talents outside of many half-finished diaries and her (briefly) thriving homemade greeting card business. Her parents knew she was destined to be an editor early on thanks to her incessant need to finish people’s sentences and correct their spelling and grammar.

Boles grew up in a very flat, rather landlocked part of the Midwest. Her childhood felt outdoorsy in the sense that she created forts in the bushes in her backyard, and played pond hockey in the winters. In high school, she began to seek opportunities beyond the Midwest and found herself dipping her toes in an ocean for the first time in Cape Cod. The following summer she took her first plane ride to spend a few weeks exploring northern France with a friend, and in those moments she realized she needed to create a life that incorporated the outdoors and travel on a regular basis. 

In college, Boles worked with the outdoor adventure club and managed the campus climbing wall. Here she learned to paddle, climb, mountain bike, and camp, as well as teach others these skills. She spent the next 10 years experimenting with different careers trying to find the perfect mix of education, fresh air, and exploration as an editor, teacher, and coach. 

Then came motherhood for Boles, which tore everything apart and simultaneously showed her how to tie everything together perfectly. All of a sudden, she had to relearn everything within the scope of being responsible for another life. She found Hike it Baby and began leading hikes as a way to encourage other families to get outside safely. She also began editing, and freelance writing, and photographing in the outdoor and family verticals. 

Currently, as the mother of two and a full-time educator, Boles continues her mission to help others enjoy the outdoors through her writing. In her spare time she bikes, trail runs, paddles, climbs, jumps in puddles, gardens, and plans her next adventures.


  • Topics of expertise: outdoors, travel, family, sports
  • Years of experience in these topics: 20+ years
  • Favorite topic to write about: climbing, and anything that enables my audience to confidently and safely adventure outdoors
  • Favorite piece of gear you’ve ever tested: Zenbivy sleep system
  • Favorite travel destinations: anywhere with snow; currently obsessed with the Canadian Rockies and Northwest Arkansas
  • Past applicable professions: sports editor, teacher, private investigator, climbing instructor

Education and Experience

  • Education: B.A. news editorial photojournalism; Spanish minor; Masters of Arts in Teaching
  • Awards: 2018 OR She Adventures Scholar, plus a bunch of journalism awards back when I worked as a sports editor, but all that feels like a lifetime ago so they don’t feel super relevant
  • Books or other publications: not yet!
  • Other places you write for: currently: freelance contributor for Matador Network, creative team member at Run Wild My Child; Kansas City expert for The Stadium Insider 

About the Writer

  • Location: Kansas City, Mo.
  • Places You’ve Lived or Extensively Traveled: Midwest (especially Chicagoland, St. Louis, Kansas City, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan), Ozarks, Arkansas, Texas, Colorado, Grand Canyon, Banff/Jasper National Parks, central & northern Spain, northern France, Basel Switzerland
  • Preferred Pronouns: she/her
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