Just east of Phoenix, hit the trail in this beautifully rugged mountain range known as "The Supes"

5 Epic Hikes in Arizona's Superstition Mountains

Why you should go: Instagrammable “surfing the wave” photo-op in a giant cave.

Wave Cave

"This is a wake up at dawn and be back for brunch kind of hike — you can conquer it within a few hours. This trail has a magnetic pull because of the cave at the end, so I recommend the early start if you want to avoid the masses." Bri Cossavella

Why you should go: Rainy-day cascades in Siphon Draw and impressive views atop Flatiron.

Siphon Draw & Flatiron

"The views up top are incredible, but don’t sleep on the traverse through Siphon Draw. The slickrock surface is fun to walk (or crawl) across, and is incredibly scenic. If you do this hike during after recent rains, you can settle into the sounds of running water." Bri Cossavella

Why you should go: Arguably the best view of Weavers Needle.

Peralta Trail & Fremont Saddle

"This is possibly the most popular hike in the Superstitions, and for good reason. While solitude isn’t always in the cards on the Peralta Trail, it does offer a journey through a mystical canyon and a desert wonderland." Bri Cossavella

Why you should go: Rocky, roller coaster of a trail with a good chance at solitude.

Boulder Canyon Trail

"This trail will make you work, but also give you spots to rest, and the best part is there is hardly anyone around. When in solitude, the desert speaks." Bri Cossavella

Why you should go: Short climb to a seasonal pool and Hohokam petroglyphs.

Hieroglyphic Trail

"This is another great hike for families, pups and beginner hikers. This route has it all — a variety of cacti, Native American petroglyphs, gorgeous rock formations, expansive views." Bri Cossavella