How to  Start a Successful Travel Blog in 2022

Travel trends are changing, remote work is the new norm and The Great Resignation’s helping millions of people reconsider what it means to be successful. That’s why there’s never been a better time to start a travel blog. Here's how to do it.

When you funnel your energy and content into one specific area of travel, you have a better chance of building trust with readers and search engines, which are both important to long-term growth.

1. Pick an angle.

Some ways to narrow down your focus include blogging about a specific type of travel, traveler, place, interest or activity.

Think about the emotions you want your name, content and brand to generate in readers, and use that vibe to find potential blog names.

2. Find your message.

You’ll want to find a name you can grow with and avoid anything that might limit your future content opportunities.

Website hosting is important, but it won’t make or break your blog: choose a company you trust and move closer to content creation.

3. Get your site.

More than 40% of all websites run on WordPress, and there’s a good reason why: loads of customizations and a generally easy-to-use interface.

Content is the biggest factor that determines your blogging success. Not branding, not domain names, not hosting, not logos — just good ol’ fashioned blog posts.

4. Get to writing.

Everything you cover on your blog should come back to your angle, messaging and target audience. 

Content production — including frequency and quality — is one of the most important factors in your growth, so it’s worth spending time figuring out how you can scale.

5. Scale up!

Scale your content based on your goals, and if you write everything yourself, like most travel bloggers, expect growth to take more time than it would if you work with other contributors.