Fuel your passion for adventure by reading about some of the greatest adventures in human history.

10 True Story Adventure Books to Read this Winter

Adventurist and investigative journalist Jon Krakauer provides a first-hand account of the gargantuan blizzard that claimed eight lives in May 1996.

1. Into Thin Air

Colin Fletcher’s account of his epic journey traversing across Grand Canyon National Park on foot.

2. The Man Who Walked Through Time

Following an attempted thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail with his ecentric friend, Bill Bryson wrote about their adventures in this instant-classic.

3. A Walk in the Woods

After reaching Westport, Missouri, by way of stagecoach, boat, and wagon, Francis Parkman embarks on horseback on a two-thousand mile journey.

4. The Oregon Trail

The true story of Steven Callahan’s harrowing 76 days at sea on an inflatable raft — the only known account of a person surviving more than a month alone at sea.

5. Adrift

Sebastian Junger follows the ill-fated journey of six men aboard a swordfishing boat that vanished without a trace during the storm.

6. The Perfect Storm

Feeling her life was in shambles, Cheryl Strayed embarked on a personal odyssey to find herself on the Pacific Crest Trail — a heartening tale of forging ahead against all odds.

7. Wild

Aspley Cherry-Garrard provides a gripping account of Robert Falcon’s ill-fated expedition to the South Pole.

8. The Worst Journey in the World

Austrian mountaineer Heinrich Harrer recounts his adventures as one of the first Westerners to enter Tibet and encounter the Dalai Lama.

9. Seven Years in Tibet

Originally published in 1968, Edward Abbey's cry to preserve the natural beauty of the American West is just as relevant today as it was half a century ago.

10. Desert Solataire