Wisconsin shows its true colors every fall when its leaves shift to fiery reds, oranges, and yellows.

5 Great Places to See Fall Colors in Wisconsin

A photographer’s dream! This landmark looks like it belongs in Europe.

Holy Hill Basilica

"This historic church sits atop a tall glacial hill, surrounded by colorful leaves. As you arrive, you can see the beautiful church towers poking through the vibrant forest." Brittany Varano

Drive one of the prettiest routes in one of the prettiest counties.

Door County Coastal Byway

"Drive the roughly 90-mile Door County Coastal Byway that loops around the peninsula and passes sections of Lake Michigan’s striking coastline. Along the way, you’ll pass many charming small villages." Brittany Varano

Beautiful fall foliage from one of the Midwest’s most famous shorelines.

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

"The islands’ unique ecosystem allows for both hardwood and boreal trees to flourish, creating a mix of bright greens and bright oranges, reds, and yellows during fall." Brittany Varano

This park amazes with its 1.7 billion-year-old hill that stretches 741 feet above the landscape.

Rib Mountain State Park

"If you’re not up for a hike, you can hitch a ride on the park’s famous Granite Peak Scenic Chairlift to see the fall leaves. The resort also offers sunset rides where you can witness the fall colors bathed in golden light." Brittany Varano

Beautiful surroundings for hiking, paddling, or a good ol’ fashioned BBQ.

Devil's Lake State Park

"About an hour north of Madison, Devil’s Lake State Park offers fantastic fall views from 500-foot-tall bluffs that follow the lake’s shoreline." Brittany Varano