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Save 30% on Vaer’s Just Launched Automatic Watch Lineup

by Dustin Christensen

Vaer Automatic watches

In recent years, Vaer has redefined what to expect from a sub-$200 field watch. Next on their radar: a modern automatic watch that continues to break the rules.

When Ryan Torres and Reagan Cook started Vaer Watches back in 2015, their goal was to make the best damn $150 watch on the market.

Check that off the list.

What’s next for the Venice, California-based watchmakers?

An automatic watch lineup featuring three affordable models with varying movements and plenty of custom features.

vaer automatic features

For years, fans of the brand have requested an automatic version of their classic field watches, and the team chose Kickstarter to launch their next big endeavor.

“It allows us to give our fans a steep discount on their purchase,” the guys said, “and helps share our dream with a wider audience.”

Starting today, you can get an early bird discount on the watches by backing their Kickstarter project, which hit its funding goal within an hour of launching.

The people know what they want.

The Vaer Automatic

vaer automatic watch collection

Their automatic lineup includes three watches: one assembled in America, and two Swiss-made models with upgraded movements.

All three models offer a slim 9mm profile, 40mm case and come with a pair of Horween leather and “ocean ready” sport straps. And as we’ve come to expect from Vaer, they’re all water-resistant to 100 meters.

vaer automatic watch vaer automatic

The American Assembled automatic ($450 retail, $299 early bird) sports a Miyota 9015 movement, while its European counterpart ($599 retail, $449 early bird) uses an ETA 2824 movement with similar exterior aesthetics.

Finally, their highest-end Swiss-made model, inspired by the “Dirty Dozen” watches of Word War II, uses the rare ETA 2895 movement.

Its price tag may be steeper ($849 retail, $599 early bird), but it’s a tremendous value compared to more expensive watches using the same movement, like the Montblanc Star Classique ($2,000+).

Beyond the Specs

vaer automatics

Like all Vaer’s offerings, these watches are built to withstand the outdoors and still look good the next day at work.

But truth be told, we dig these watches because of the story they tell, not just their superior components and construction.

In a world of mass-produced watches and everyday carry goods, it’s beyond refreshing to see a small brand thrive by focusing on heritage aesthetics and a steadfast commitment to quality.

Even more impressive: Vaer’s unending quest to improve their products based on real customer feedback.

In 2018, they revamped their lineup based on several years’ worth of reviews and testing, and in the year or so before launching their automatic watch lineup, they collected more than 1,500 surveys to get an exact idea of what people wanted in their automatic watch.

vaer automatic watch straps

If their past success is any indication, Vaer and its automatic watches will continue to push watchmaking into new waters, shaping their industry the way similarly progressive direct-to-consumer brands have done in other markets.

Get Early Bird Pricing Now

vaer automatic watch timeline

You can find the Kickstarter campaign here; production’s slated to begin in August, with the first shipments arriving in November, just in time for the holidays. Early bird slots are filling fast, so get in while you can.

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