7 Incredible Treehouse Rentals in Pennsylvania

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Holly Riddle
March 18, 2022
Updated October 15, 2023

best treehouse rentals pennsylvania
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Renting a treehouse for your vacation — what could be better? Not much.

But don’t think that the treehouses that you’ll find with your modern home share or rental providers are like the treehouses of your youth. There are (usually) no rope ladders, stray branches or bugs here. Instead, you’ll find luxurious furnishings, all the amenities you need and even a great view or two. So … sold yet?

Once you have your heart set on renting a treehouse for your next getaway, where can you find one that’s both conveniently located and thoroughly immersed in nature? For travelers on the East Coast or even parts of the Midwest, Pennsylvania is an excellent choice. If you’re coming from Pittsburgh and the surrounding area, you’ll find plenty to love in the western portion of the state. If you’re coming from the Mid-Atlantic or East Coast, you’ll find lots of options right outside of Philadelphia. 

But Pennsylvania is a big state. To help you narrow down your treehouse rental options, we’ve picked out seven of our favorites for your perusal.

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1. Ohiopyle Luxury Treehouse

pennsylvania treehouse airbnb
Photo: VRBO

Why you should stay: Cabin style, in the trees!

  • Location: Ohiopyle
  • Sleeps: 6
  • Minimum Stay: 1 night
  • Rates from: $350/night

This luxury treehouse near Ohiopyle (yes, that’s the real name of the town) gives you a classic cabin vibe, but perched up within the trees, on stilts. The inside is pure cabin decor — lots of wood everywhere you look, leather couches, plaid quilts and the rest.

However, there are also a few unique touches that give the place a little extra charm. Think subway tile on the kitchen walls and a brick floor. The treehouse really shines when it comes to its outdoor space, though, which includes a covered deck up top and a lower, ground-level area on the bottom, with a swing. Another, small deck juts out from the loft space, like a little miniature balcony.

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2. The Owls Nest Cottage in the Woods

pennsylvania treehouse rental
Photo: VRBO

Why you should stay: A new-build treehouse at a traditional B&B.

  • Location: Sweet Valley
  • Sleeps: 4
  • Minimum Stay: 1 night
  • Rates from: $255/night

The Owls Nest Cottage is a unique option in that it’s a private treehouse that you get all to yourself, along with the surrounding yard and outdoor living space, but, it’s technically on the property of a public bed and breakfast — which means you get both the perks of staying in a vacation rental and the perks of staying in a bed and breakfast, like lots of privacy, but also free breakfast!

Situated 30 feet in the air, the new-build treehouse features a comfy paved patio on the ground level, before taking you up two flights of stairs to get to a deck and the treehouse’s cozy living space. Enjoy cute touches such as the cowboy-style metal tub.

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3. The Cottage Cloud

pennsylvania treehouse
Photo: Airbnb

Why you should stay: Ignite the spark at this glamping getaway for two.

  • Location: Greentown
  • Sleeps: 2
  • Minimum Stay: 1 night
  • Rates from: $272/night

The Cottage Cloud is probably the one treehouse on our list that’s most like a traditional treehouse. You can definitely expect an experience that’s a little closer to glamping here than you might find at some of our other proffered options.

The two-story treehouse features a large living space on the first floor that’s open-air and breezy. Another deck to the side provides the outdoor shower. Don’t worry, though. The upstairs of the treehouse is enclosed, and that’s where you’ll sleep and also where the toilet is located, so you do get a bit of respite from the elements. The small property is just big enough for two, so it makes a nice nature-heavy romantic getaway for couples. It also would make a great spot for a solo trip, if you’re just needing a little peace and quiet all to yourself.

Regardless of who you are or why you’re visiting, though, Greentown is just a short drive outside of New York City, making it a convenient escape. The location also puts you right near Lake Wallenpaupack, one of Pennsylvania’s largest lakes.

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4. Solvang Inn Treehouse

pennsylvania treehouse stay
Photo: Airbnb

Why you should stay: A taste of Scandinavia in Central Pennsylvania.

  • Location: Huntingdon
  • Sleeps: 3
  • Minimum Stay: 2 nights
  • Rates from: $249/night

The Solvang Inn Treehouse is an authentic stabbur. What is a stabbur? Glad you asked.

A stabbur, according to the Scandinavian Heritage Association, is a type of Norwegian rural farmhouse on stilts. Traditionally, valuables were kept on the second floor, while food was kept on the first floor. The stilts kept the first floor’s storage from coming into contact with groundwater or rodents — and even the home’s wooden steps didn’t connect entirely with the first floor, in an effort to keep rodents away.

Now, you can experience this little piece of Norwegian living on your own. The interior is entirely log cabin-esque, with a large seating area, covered front porch, kitchenette, sauna and double inset beds. If you decide to leave, you’ll find you’re within easy reach of some of central Pennsylvania’s great hiking and water sports opportunities. You’re also close to multiple colleges and universities, including Penn State.

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5. Fernstone Treehouse

rustic treehouse pennsylvania
Photo: VRBO

Why you should stay: A romantic, fairytale setting in Western PA.

  • Location: Farmington
  • Sleeps: 2
  • Minimum Stay: 2 nights
  • Rates from: $349/night

This treehouse is a little more on the rustic side, but that makes for a romantic, fairytale vibe. Just big enough for two, the treehouse is basically all one room, with your plush bed on one side, a small kitchenette in one corner, and a restroom in the other corner.

Below the treehouse, a hot tub awaits. Adding to the rustic appeal (though some will likely find this a downside), the treehouse does not offer WiFi. However, you might just find that gives you all the more time to kick back, relax, enjoy the dense wooded scenery and take a dip in that hot tub. Extra amenities at the pet-friendly treehouse include discounts on dining at local restaurants.

When you’re ready to explore the area, you’ll find that Farmington itself is pretty small, but you’re near a few attractions, such as Fort Necessity National Battlefield and Lady Luck Casino Nemacolin. If you’re willing to drive, you’re also just a short trip away from the extra shopping, dining and entertainment options in Morgantown, West Virginia.

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6. Magical Off-Grid Treehouse

treehouse in pennsylvania
Photo: Airbnb

Why you should stay: Disconnect from it all in this adorable red treehouse.

  • Location: Mehoopany
  • Sleeps: 2
  • Minimum Stay: 1 night
  • Rates from: $251/night

This treehouse sits 30 feet high in the foliage. With a bright red exterior, it’s difficult to miss. The accommodations are relatively rustic, but not at all uncomfortable. A deck provides seating, a grill, lanterns and views of the Pennsylvania ridges between the tree limbs.

Inside, a lower area offers seating, while a top floor is mainly taken up by a bed. A wood stove provides excellent heating in the chillier months. Two small nooks house a kitchen area with a sink to wash up and a restroom. If you want to stay nearer the ground, you’ll find some hammocks in some nearby trees.

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7. Adventure Treehouse

treehouses in pennsylvania
Photo: Airbnb

Why you should stay here: A slightly larger treehouse option with Swiss Family Robinson vibes.

  • Location: Huntingdon
  • Sleeps: 5
  • Minimum Stay: 1 night
  • Rates from: $199/night

Most of the treehouses you’ll find for rent are on the smaller side, suited for two. What’s a traveler to do if they want to plan a forest getaway for the entire family, then?

Well, you could rent this adventure treehouse that sleeps five. With its rustic appeal and swinging bridge to access the deck, it definitely will give your family some real Swiss Family Robinson vibes, but that’s part of the charm. The actual body of the treehouse looks pretty similar to an actual house, with beige siding and a shingled roof; inside, however, it’s all things cabin. 

So what can your family do during this very adventurous stay? Well, for starters, the kids are going to love sleeping in their own bunk room. The outdoor shower and restroom, as well as wash area for your kitchen needs, are also sure to add to the experience. With 25 acres, there’s tons of space for everyone to run and play, while the parents will enjoy kicking back on the deck or by the fire ring.

When you’re ready to explore further afield, you’ll find Greenwood Furnace State Park (which offers great hiking options) just five miles away, and the shopping and dining in downtown State College, Pennsylvania, just 15 miles away. And, if you do really need it, the treehouse does offer WiFi.

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