Go West Pennant

go west pennant
  • go west pennant
  • oxford pennant arizona
  • Go West Pennant
  • Go West Pennant
  • Go West Pennant
  • $25.00
Territory Supply x Oxford Pennant

There’s a statistic floating around that nearly 60% of all mysteries, conspiracies and ghost stories related to Arizona have roots in the Superstition Mountains. We made that up, but it sounds about right.

We teamed up with our friends at Oxford Pennant to create our Go West pennant, inspired by the rugged beauty and mischievous tall tales of the Superstition Mountains. It’s the perfect way to show your love of the American West – and your own frontiers.

Made in the USA with real natural wool, the Go West Pennant is 9″ x 27″ and a perfect combination of navy, gold and white.



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