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12 Best Key Organizers & Pocket Key Holders

by Dustin Christensen
Updated November 30, 2019

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Key organizers are the unheralded heroes of everyday carry, and the Orbitkey is our 2019 holder of choice.

In the everyday carry world, knives, wallets and watches get all the glory.

Key organizers, on the other hand, generally aren’t as sexy, and for many people they’re firmly in the category of EDC items you might not know you need – even if you need one.

keys set

But make the switch from a bulky, loose key set to a tight-fit organizer and you’d be surprised at the difference it makes in your daily routine (here’s how to organize keys even further).

Below’s a rundown of our 12 favorite key organizers, from sleek leather options to industrial-grade aluminum gadgets made to shed bulk and quiet down those janglin’ keys.

What to Look For


Material: classic leather or durable aluminum with stainless steel hardware?


Capacity: most organizers hold between 4 and 14 keys


Weight: the best options weigh between 0.5 and 2.5 ounces


Extras: add-ons or accessories to make it more versatile


Warranty: our top picks are covered from 30 days to 3 years


What we dig: sleek profile, quiet organization

Cofounders Rex Kuo and Charles Ng launched Orbitkey on Kickstarter in 2013 to an audience eager for an effective organizer inspired by “contemporary industrial design.”

Today, Orbitkey’s more relevant than ever, and their line of organizers caters to just about any EDC style, from the canvas and nylon options that are easy to use and clean, to the elegant looking leather options that we’re partial to.

The Orbitkey was designed to eliminate noise, scratches and bulk from your pocket, and it excels at all three. It fits up to 7 keys, so it stays a bit slimmer than the aluminum models below that fit more keys.

Stainless steel hardware keeps the Orbitkey locked in place, and the included D-ring allows you to attach it to larger keys or fobs.

For the complete experience, complement your key organizer with one of Orbitkey’s equally clean accessories, including a sleek USB stick, bottle opener or multi-tool.

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Bellroy Key Cover

What we dig: an EDC giant among mere mortals

Bellroy is an icon of the everyday carry world, and their Key Cover’s made with the brand’s typical adherence to form and function.

The standard version holds up to 4 keys in a bifold-style leather pouch held steadfast by a magnetic closure.

It’s about as simple as it gets, but Bellroy’s signature leathers and clean-line designs make this a standout in the key organizer category.

There’s a plus version that holds between 4 and 8 keys, and each version’s available in an array of colorways. You can also pair it up with one of Bellroy’s wallets in their classic or minimalist sets.

A leather loop makes it easy to attach to key fobs, and the Key Cover’s backed by a 3-year warranty.

Bellroy’s a certified B Corp that makes a point of responsible business practices, so you can feel good about backing this Australia-based company.

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What we dig: an industrial-grade organization option

Like many EDC success stories, KeyBar came to life when a talented engineer down in Savannah, Georgia decided to craft his own solution to noisy keys.

That’s how KeyBar was born, and today it’s one of the most popular organizers on the market, especially for those with physically demanding jobs and lots of keys to get it all done.

The KeyBar’s built from aircraft-grade aluminum, stainless steel hardware and a few titanium pieces, like a pocket clip and ring to attach to key fobs.

These bad boys are made in the USA, weigh less than 2 ounces and are a testament to the founder’s small business spirit.

It’s the key organizer we’d expect our mechanic to own, and that’s a damn fine compliment.

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Quiet Carry Shorty Key Organizer

The Shorty Key Organizer Titanium (BL)

What we dig: versatility’s the name of their game

For the daily routine, I usually carry a CRKT Squid because I eventually forget it’s there at all (‘til I need it).

But it’s not always practical to carry, and when that’s the case there’s the Shorty Key Organizer from Quiet Carry.

Choose between a clip point or multi-tool blade option, both of which still offer room for up to 5 keys, though QC recommends going with 3 when possible.

As the name implies, this thing is about as small as can be while still being effective, and the titanium body paired with stainless steel hardware puts it at about 1.6 ounces.

It’s a beautiful EDC piece that offers versatility where most organizers don’t dare go.

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KeySmart Rugged

What we dig: an EDC OG among key organizers

KeySmart launched in 2013 after a wildly successful $300k Kickstarter campaign.

Since then, they’ve sold more than 4 million key organizers around the world, and their Rugged is the heavy duty player in KeySmart’s expanding lineup.

It’s not much bigger or heavier than the original KeySmart, but the organizer’s walls are thicker and it’s made specifically for getting beat up in your daily routine.

Perhaps more importantly, it includes a built-in bottle opener for those days you really need a nice cold sarsaparilla after a long day at the office. WE KNOW THE FEELING, FRIENDS.

The Rugged sports an easy, no-tool assembly system and expands to 14 keys, and if you’re currently toting around 14 keys without an organizer, we salute you.

It’s backed by a 2-year warranty and comes in a few plain jane colorways, and then a fancy Mossy Oak number that’s guaranteed to open more doors in your life. See what we did there.

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Superior Titanium KEY-ARMOR

What we dig: built to handle a beating

When a product’s spelled out in all-caps, you know it’s not messing around.

So don’t be surprised when we call the KEY-ARMOR one of the most overbuilt organizers we came across.

It’s a US-made, titanium organizer with a smooth, natural finish that takes 5 steps to complete. Where other key organizers’ exteriors can chip and dull over time, this one’s built to look good for years.

Its patented design holds up to 12 keys and is engineered for easy assembly and adjustments.

A 90-day guarantee offers plenty of time to get used to the KEY-ARMOR, and when you do, you’ll find the machined grip makes it easy to recognize which keys you need when you need ‘em.

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Keyport Pivot

The Keyport Pivot

What we dig: functional, multi-tool like performance

The Pivot’s more Swiss Army tool than anything else, and depending on how you configure it, that’s exactly what it’ll look like.

But that’s not a bad thing, and if your job or hobbies require the use of many keys and small tools at once, it’s a great all-in-one option.

It holds up to 9 keys and comes with the option of adding extras like a mini flashlight, USB drive, pen insert and 10-in-1 multi-tool.

The Pivot clocks in at 0.7 ounces and includes a 2-year subscription plan to Keyport ID, the brand’s signature lost and found system that makes it easy to retrieve lost key sets.

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ARRAY Leather Key Holder

What we dig: simple design that works

If aluminum or stainless steel isn’t your EDC thing, consider the leather keyholder from ARRAY.

It’s got a clean, minimalist aesthetic that hides up to 10 keys in a small full-grain leather pocket.

Brass bolt screws and a button closure make it easy to adjust and keep your keys tight, and the soft exterior is great for avoiding scratches on your phone or other EDC items.

At just over an ounce, it weights a bit more than the above options, but for those who dig leather over metal, it’s a classy, throwback option that gets the job done.

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Easy Key Compact Key Organizer

What we dig: minimal design and bulk

The versatile Easy Key organizer includes a built-in phone stand and bottle-opener.

Though it’s focused more on function than anything else, it still looks good even when packed full up to 12 keys.

Its aluminum alloy body’s a bit heavier than we love, but at 2.4 ounces it’s still well worth having your keys organized into a tight compact space – particularly if you carry around a large set for work, as many of their customers do.

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PocketPro Singularity

What we dig: engineered for easy daily use

When a key organizer’s made by a real-life scientist and approved by mechanical engineers around the country, it’s doin’ something right.

That’s the spot PocketPro finds itself in – and we’re a fan of their Singularity, a smaller version of their Original organizer.

The Singularity’s made from aircraft-grade aluminum, stainless steel and an efficient construction designed to last.

It’s made in the USA, holds up to 8 keys (the original holds up to 16), and comes in 8 colorways, including gray, red and blue.

Because it’s lightweight (0.6 ounces), easy to adjust and capable of attaching to larger key fobs or car keys, it’s about as practical as you can get.

And if you’re not happy with it, check out the company’s 150 year warranty. ‘Nough said.

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Northwall Smart Key Organizer

What we dig: a solid leather organizer under $25

The Northwall’s built like Orbitkey and Jibbon’s organizer, though it’s less expensive and comes with an included multi-tool with a bottle opener, screwdriver and more.

It’s a budget leather pick, then, that’s worth it if you’re looking for something practical without spending more than $25.

The Northwall Key Organizer holds up to 10 keys and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee – not the multi-year deal other brands offer, but a good value buy nonetheless.

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Jibbon Key Organiser

What we dig: a strong newcomer to the EDC game

Jibbon’s organizer resembles Orbitkey in body and build, though they offer a few extras that make it a worthwhile buy.

Italian leather and marine-grade stainless steel make this one of the more high-end options on our list, and there’s an option for monogramming for a more personalized touch.

Like Bellroy, these folks are based in Australia and take EDC seriously in form and practicality.

It holds up to 9 keys and comes with a 3-year warranty. A multi-tool, USB stick and keyring are optional accessories that still fit even with a handful of keys loaded up.

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