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The 8 Best Campervan Rentals in Vancouver, British Columbia

by Sarah Lamagna
Updated May 01, 2023

best campervan rentals vancouver bc
Photo: Honest Camper

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Vancouver might be the most expensive city to buy a home in Canada, but it’s a great place for roadtrippin’ in a campervan.

With #vanlife becoming increasingly popular across North America (and let’s face it, beyond), some can’t quite reach the $35,000 price tag of a sprinter van. But you can rent your very own campervan for your next vacation to Vancouver — aka Vancity, aka The Couve (although don’t say this around locals).

Known as the “Hollywood of the North”, you might just see some major celebrities walking the streets of downtown. There’s plenty of things to do right in town, but my guess is that you’re aching to get out into the wide-open spaces of British Columbia if you’re looking to rent a campervan. And you’ve got a ton of options!

There are some great roadtrips across Canada’s most western province. The Sea-to-Sky Highway up to Whistler provides ample rock climbing and skiing opportunities. You can also head up to the Kootenays where you can hike the majestic mountains or soak in some soothing hot springs. Better yet, head on the short ferry ride to drive the Sunshine Coast to get away from the rainy city.

Regardless of your ideal itinerary, leave the hotels and vacation rentals behind and get on the road with any of the following campervans.

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1. Escape Campervans

escape campervan rentals vancouver
Photo: Escape Campervans

Why you should rent: you’ll never lose your campervan in a parking lot with its vibrant, hand-painted frame.

  • Sleeps: 5
  • Minimum Stay: 3 nights
  • Rates from: $260/night

As the largest campervan company in North America, Escape Campervans are a trusted and safe option especially for first-time campervan renters. What’s especially nice about this company is that you can take a one-way trip with these vehicles for no extra charge.

Don’t get me wrong, Vancouver is wonderful and even the surrounding wild spaces around are beautiful. But how amazing would it be to truly immerse yourself in western Canadian culture by taking the epic roadtrip to Calgary? You can simply drop off the campervan after you’re done romping around Banff National Park which is on the border of British Columbia and Alberta.

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2. Simona the Sprinter

campervan rentals vancouver bc
Photo: Outdoorsy

Why you should rent: outstanding gas mileage for a Sprinter van.

  • Sleeps: 3
  • Minimum Stay: 3 nights
  • Rates from: $101/night

That’s right, the owners of this 2002 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter named their campervan Simona and it couldn’t be more fitting. The origin of the name Simona means to “listen” which is exactly what you’ll do when you head out of the big city towards the endless wilderness in the north and east.

Whether the sounds will be of the grapevines in Summerland blowing in the warm breeze after sampling some fine wines or of the rock climbers belaying at The Chief in Squamish, is up to you. I suggest doing both if you can and maybe even continuing along the Sea-to-Sky Highway and go all the way to Whistler to listen to the animals that gave the town its name (hint: it’s a marmot).

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3. Honest Camper

honest campervan rental vancouver
Photo: Honest Camper

Why you should rent: super sleek vans that are perfect for blending into the damp temperate rain forests of BC.

  • Sleeps: 4
  • Minimum Stay: 1 night
  • Rates from: $175/night

Any campervan company that can describe their vehicles as the offspring of the modern Sprinter and the older Westfalia models if they met at a Dave Matthews Band concert is alright by me. There’s just enough swagger with the Honest Camper vans to make you look cool but not too “new and clean” to the nomad lifestyle.

I highly suggest getting their unlimited mileage package (just an extra $25 a day) and renting for longer trips. You’ll receive at least a 15% discount for renting an entire week where renting for 30 days or more gets you a whopping 30% discount. And with almost 450,000 miles of roads in British Columbia, you might just need more nights in the van.

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4. Vancouver Westy Rentals

vw campervan rental vancouver bc
Photo: Vancouver Westy Rentals

Why you should rent: perfect for getting into smaller spaces.

  • Sleeps: 4
  • Minimum Stay: 1 night
  • Rates from: $128/night

Not everyone wants to immerse themselves fully in the vanlife culture where you only eat ramen and never shower. Luckily those who rent from Vancouver Westy Rentals get all the equipment you need for gourmet meals and personal outdoor showers.

The company also provides additional rental packages for tents and air mattresses in case the van gets a little too crowded for the four people who can stay there. Or perhaps you just want a little privacy with your beau (wink wink).

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5. Ruth the Chevrolet Express

vancouver campervan rental
Photo: Outdoorsy

Why you should rent: a perfect romantic retreat for those couples wanting a little space from the rest of the world.

  • Sleeps: 2
  • Minimum Stay: 3 nights
  • Rates from: $105/night

If you’re looking to head over to Vancouver Island for a surfing trip, look no further than Ruth the 2004 Chevrolet Express. Add on the surfboard package to be outfitted with two surfboards perfect for a Tofino adventure.

This one-of-a-kind campervan with a pine conversion interior will leave you breathless. Twinkle lights frame the ceiling for an extra romantic ambiance. You could also just look out the back window to see some real stars since the sky is endless once you make your way far from the city lights of Vancouver.

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6. Karma Campervans

campervan vancouver british columbia
Photo: Karma Campervans

Why you should rent: it’s both pet- and festival-friendly which is a rarity in the campervan rental community.

  • Sleeps: 2
  • Minimum Stay: 3 nights
  • Rates from: $149/night

Just because you want to rent a campervan, doesn’t mean you have to leave luxury behind. The vehicles from Karma Campervans provide a beautifully decorated interior complete with Scandinavian-inspired cabinetry, butcher block countertops, and live-edge shelving.

In addition to that modern comfort, you’ll also have plush pillows and an extra fluffy duvet for those cooler nights. A fan is also built in for the extra hot days but those are more rare in British Columbia.

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7. CampJunkie Campervans

camper van rental vancouver bc
Photo: CampJunkie

Why you should rent: each campervan comes with a 1080p video projector!

  • Sleeps: 4
  • Minimum Stay: 1 night
  • Rates from: $217/night

With names like “Jojo”, “June”, and “Deneb”, you know these ladies have got a whole lot of personality. The rad campervans from CampJunkie will be the talk of the road no matter where you decide to go.

For those who like to nap after a morning full of adventuring, you’ll love the black out curtains. But there’s a higher likelihood of rain to be in the forecast so the swivel seats make it easy for “in-van” dining. Plus, there’s no need to worry about getting fuel for the fuel-less camp stove!

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8. JustGo Vans

vancouver bc campervan rental
Photo: JustGo Vans

Why you should rent: the VW Westfalia models are the hippest vans ever so you’ll look super cool driving them.

  • Sleeps: 4
  • Minimum Stay: 1 night
  • Rates from: $399/night

Release your inner hippie and feel the chill vibes when you rent with JustGo Vans. This is the only campervan company on the list that is located on Vancouver Island which is an easy ferry ride from the big city. Instead of having to pay the hefty price to bring your oversized vehicle on the ferry though, just grab a cheap passenger ticket and get the campervan on the island!

Don’t forget to bring your dry suit (note, I didn’t say “wet suit” because those will not keep you warm) to take a dip in the icy waters of Tofino. There’s also plenty of other things to do on the Island including touring a castle, skiing at a resort, walking among the finest gardens in the province, or hopping on a boat to check out some whales!

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