11 Best Campervan Rentals in Phoenix for Your Next Road Trip

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Holly Riddle
September 02, 2021
Updated October 15, 2023

Best Campervan Rental Companies in Phoenix

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Campervans have become very popular as more travelers want to get out on the road in a safe way that allows for both privacy and social distancing. Here’s where to start in Phoenix.

A campervan ticks those boxes and more. You get the comfort of a hotel (it’s not the Ritz, but you’re not sleeping on the ground, either) and the ability to hit the road without having to move hotels.

Campervans offer an affordable way to see some of the most beautiful areas of the country — and that includes the deserts and sights around Phoenix, AZ, where campervan rentals are booming.

Best Campervan Rentals in Phoenix

If you’re looking for a campervan rental company in Phoenix for your next weekend road trip, the list below has you covered. Here are 11 perfect campervans for your next trip.

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1. Escape Campervans

escape Campervans phoenix
Photo: Escape Campervans

Why you should rent: For the security and standards of a nationwide company.

Escape Campervans rents camper vans in major tourist destinations around the US and in Canada. That means you get the high level of service and security that comes from a nationwide rental company, but you don’t have to commit to any membership programs or other expensive money grabs.

It’s one of the more convenient campervan rental companies in Phoenix as it has a very accessible pick-up location reachable by public transportation, so you don’t have to have someone drop you off. You can pick up your campervan and hit the road within minutes, and there are a few grocery stores nearby so you can pick up any camping snacks and supplies you may need on the way out of town.

Escape Campervan offers a range of vans decked out in fun paint jobs. In Phoenix, you can choose between the Maverick or the Big Sur model, both of which sleep five between a queen bed and rooftop sleeper.

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2. 2020 Ram Promaster

Ram Promaster campervan phoenix
Photo: Outdoorsy

Why you should rent: Locally-owned and operated by fellow campers.

This 2020 Dodge Ram 1500 that’s been converted into a super-chic home on four wheels is one of a fleet of campervans managed by two friends who are passionate about the campervan lifestyle.

The van has everything you need for a quick getaway, with all the luxuries you might expect in an Instagram-worthy campervan on a small footprint.

When you slide open the back door, you’ll be greeted by the sleek kitchen space, with its subway tile backdrop, white cabinetry and butcher block countertops. To the left side of the kitchen space is a comfy bed with its own television, for cozying up when the weather isn’t ideal for other camping activities.

Below the bed, you’ll find lots of extra storage for all your adventure gear, whether you’re headed out on a long hike or sightseeing across the state. The van’s cool exterior is the icing on the camping cake, with its gray and black rugged mountain motif.

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3. Boho Camper Vans

Boho Camper Vans xx phoenix
Photo: Boho Camper Vans

Why you should rent: Instagram-worthy glamping.

Ever glanced through a travel influencer’s Instagram or flipped through travel influencer videos on YouTube? Eventually, you’ll come across someone who’s repurposed the inside of a sprinter or multi-person van to create a incredible campervan.

The best are luxurious, stylish, functional, and, of course, mobile. If you’ve ever envied those travel influencers and felt like giving the van lifestyle a try, Boho Camper Vans will outfit you with your very own stylish campervan.

There are more than 10 vans available and each offers something different. The Wilson camper van, for example, is outfitted with dreamy cabinetry, a booth-style dining area, and a kitchen with a subway tile backsplash. “Eartha” is the cheapest rental at $179(ish) a night, assuming you don’t mind sleeping in a pop-up rooftop tent instead of in the camper.

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4. Arcadia

Arizona Camper Van phoenix
Photo: Outdoorsy

Why you should rent: Tons of storage space and the all-important bathroom.

There’s one thing missing from many camper vans, and it’s something that you can’t really live without, unless you’re into backwoods camping: a bathroom. But that’s not the case when you rent the Arcadia from Arizona Camper Van.

This (single) camper van has it all. You get a shower and portable toilet, so you can stay clean and avoiding having to pee behind a bush no matter how far into the wilderness you drive. The rest of the camper has chic black-and-white tile flooring, a small kitchen area with a mini fridge, and an elevated bed in the back. There are only two seats up front, making the camper van ideal for traveling singles or couples.

For an even more unique and more off-road worthy experience, check out Sedona the Camper Jeep from Arizona Camper van as well.

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5. HWY 1 Rentals

HWY 1 Rentals phoenix
Photo: Outdoorsy

Why you should rent: A vintage van that covers all the basics.

If you’d rather have a sturdy set of wheels more focused on functionality than on being social media-ready, consider HWY1 Rentals as your first-choice for a campervan rental company in Phoenix. Their 1993 Volkswagen Westfalia (known by VW fans as a “Westie”) packs in all of the comforts you need for camping as fits four people, making it a great choice for families.

The two front seats swivel backward to create a full dining area while the back seats lay down to create a bed. There’s even a pop-top to reveals even more sleeping space. The dining area countertops lift up to provide a sink, stove and fridge, so you’re basically ready to go as soon as you pack your gear.

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6. Spider-Van Luxury Loft

luxury ram campervan rental phoenix
Photo: RVshare

Why you should rent from here: A van that’ll fit the whole family.

Oh, you need to tow around a whole bevy of campers and outdoor adventurers?

This camper van,  rented out by Treasure Box Outdoor Rentals, based on the West Coast and inspired by European camper van trends, packs a ton of seating and sleeping areas into a relatively small van. In addition to the front four seats, a convertible back bench provides a safe spot for even more travelers.

The front seats swivel around and face a table, to create a cozy living area when the van’s not in motion. Further on into the vehicle, a small kitchenette awaits, as does a bathroom (a godsend if you’re traveling or camping with small kids and don’t want to run to the campground bathhouse every hour).

There are two beds, a lower bed in the rear of the vehicle and a loft bed. Better yet, this camper van comes equipped with linens and kitchenware, so you’re ready to hit the road as soon as you’ve packed your bags.

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7. Beethoven Camper Van

Beethoven Camper Van phoenix
Photo: Outdoorsy

Why you should rent: Pet-friendly modern camper, complete with delivery or an airport pick up.

The Beethoven Camper Van is sleek and unassuming from the outside, but tricked out with tons of amenities on the inside — and even on top, thanks to a rooftop deck.

And that deck has plenty of space to chill (even with the solar panels) so you can soak up the sun or watch the sunset wherever you happen to be parked. Inside, you have plenty of storage space, plus a stove, mini-fridge and sink. There’s even a rain shower and a toilet. The dining area folds down into a bed, too.

Just to be extra convenient, the camper comes with gear you’ll need while camping that you’d otherwise need to bring yourself, like camping chairs, cookware, and bedding. The owner even provides coffee and a projector and movie library. This may be the best campervan rental company in Phoenix for out-of-towners as the owner will pick you up from the airport and make sure you’re ready to properly hit the road. Really, what more could you need?

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8. Waypoint Outposts’ Ponderosa

Waypoint Outposts campervans
Photo: Outdoorsy

Why you should rent: Lots of oft-overlooked amenities.

This camper van, lovingly christened The Ponderosa, may only sleep two travelers, but it offers a lot of amenities and creature comforts that you won’t find in other camper vans.

We’re talking stuff that you wouldn’t think about needing until you were far, far from home and just realizing how much of an inconvenience it is not having those items or amenities around. Think a freezer to keep your camping eats cool, solar power so you can stay connected even when you’re in the back country, and instant hot water so you can shower without visiting the campground bath house.

Extras atop it all include Amish-made maple cabinetry and a French press coffee maker in the kitchen. What more could you need? The camper van is even pet-friendly and the owners have given the a-okay for traveling to both music festivals and tailgates, so you can have a great time, your way.

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9. Road Trip Arizona

Road Trip Arizona
Photo: Road Trip Arizona

Why you should rent: No-frills campers with comparatively great gas mileage.

The various camper vans Road Trip Arizona offers will remind you of the pop-up campers that you might see around any campground — and they’re marketed with that same kind of use in mind. They’re best for travelers who need just enough space for everyone, but still not a ton of space as they plan on spending more time outside than inside.

Road Trip Arizona offers three different camper vans. The highest-capacity is the Ford Transit Camper, which sleeps four adults plus a kiddo. It has a pop-up top as well as a wrap-around awning for plenty of outdoor leisure space, and the kitchen opens up from the back for easy outdoor cooking.

>Past renters report tons of space for both themselves and their camping and outdoor gear, as well as great gas mileage — an important thing to think about if you plan on taking your rented camper van on a long road trip.

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10. Voyager Campervans

Voyager Campervans phoenix
Photo: Voyager Campervans

Why you should rent: If you need a campervan for a music festival or outdoor event.

Voyager Campervans is one of the leading campervan rental companies in a few cities across the U.S., including Phoenix (well, Scottsdale.) They have two types of vans: the Voyager Minny V3 and the Voyager Minny V4.

The Voyager Minny V3 is most suitable for two travelers. Behind the front seats are a storage compartment, a couch that folds into a bed, and a cooking area with a fridge and hot plates that pull out from the rear.

The Voyager Minny V4, meanwhile, is better for groups of friends or families as it seats and sleeps four travelers. The Minny V4 is a little more stylish than the V3, too, with tile work, stainless steel appliances, and a wood ceiling with can lights. For being a small, easy-to-drive van, it packs a lot into a small footprint, including a bunk bed, a mobile shower; and an indoor cooking space with a stove, refrigerator, and sink. And you don’t even have to fold or swivel any seats when you want to change positions.

Whichever van you choose, you’ll appreciate the extra amenities included in each, like linens and cookware, a coffee maker, and camp chairs. To top it all off, Voyager Campervans is one of the few camper van rental companies in Phoenix that lets you take their campers to music festivals, and you can even store your car at their lot while you’re roadtripping.

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11. Rosie the Wanderer

Rosie the Wanderer campervan
Photo: Outdoorsy

Why you should rent: Lots of ’90s love.

Rosie the Wanderer is like the perfect blast from the past. You want to relieve your 90s childhood, traveling around in the back of your parents’ or grandparents’ massive van?

You found your wheels.

Rosie is a 1992 Dodge B Van in fantastic condition. The white paint job with the beige stripe down the side, the giant grill and bumper on the front — it’s exactly as you remember. Inside, the maroon upholstery is spot-on, too.

The owners have decked the Dodge van out with the necessities you’ll need out on the road, upgrading a few facets, without taking away from the 90s vibes. Expect a full-size bed in the bedroom, a fridge and storage space in the basic kitchen area, and two plush front seats.

Rosie comes equipped with lots of necessary camping gear, too, so there are fewer trips to the outdoor sports store before your vacation. The owners have even included a four-person tent and a self-inflating air mattress among the supplies, in case you’re traveling with more than just one other person and need to give them somewhere to sleep.

From a collapsable toilet to a vacuum, camping chairs to cleaning equipment, you’ll have everything you need.

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