6 Cool Campervan Rentals in Nashville, Tennessee

by Holly Riddle
Updated February 14, 2023

best nashville campervan rentals
Photo: Outdoorsy

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The Music City may be more known for Honky Tonk Row, its nightlife and live music scene, that doesn’t mean that campers and outdoor enthusiasts can’t enjoy a little adventure around and outside of Nashville.

While downtown is a bustling hub of activity, quieter pastures await just a short drive away. Within a half an hour, you can be in rolling Southern farmlands.

Staying in a camper van rental makes it easy for you to get where you want to go in Nashville, but then escape to somewhere more serene at night or after a few days of fun. Plus, if you want to go on a bit of a longer trek, you can rent a camper van in or around Nashville (some providers will even deliver the camper van to your Nashville location, so you won’t need a separate vehicle or ride share for actually getting to your camper van!) and then explore further afield. The Great Smoky Mountains are just a few hours’ drive to the east, while the Ozarks are a day’s drive to the west.

To help you plan your Nashville and adjacent camper van getaway with ease, here are six of the best camper van rentals near Nashville, Tennessee.

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1. Outdoorsy 2021 Winnebago Solis 59PX

nashville campervan rental
Photo: Outdoorsy

Why you should rent: Comfort and convenience

This Class B RV is an easy-to-drive, sleek, no-frills option that gives you all the comfort and convenience you need, without any of the flashy tiny home allure you don’t. The van features lots of room for both being on the road and setting up camp, with four passenger seats. Behind the back two passenger seats is a small kitchenette. A ladder leads to a pop-up sleeping area atop the van, perfect for either one adult sleeper or multiple kiddos. A wet room provides a toilet and shower. Storage space in the back of the van converts into a bed for two.

Lots of space-saving details make it convenient to use this camper van without any aggravations, even if this is your first foray into the world of camper van camping. Think front seats that swivel around to face the two back seats, making for easier dining or family time, and hidden storage. There’s even a hidden, pull-out cutting board in the kitchenette, that can act as extra counter space while you get dinner ready.

Creature comforts that are most appreciated in the woods include air conditioning and hot water. There’s also an interior cargo storage space that can fit multiple bicycles. Lots of extras are included, too, beyond your basic linens, towels and cookware that come with many camper vans; think a first aid kit, cleaning supplies, a coffee maker and even a toaster.

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2. Voyager Campervans

voyager campervan rentals nashville
Photo: Voyager Campervans

Why you should rent: Pro-level service

Sometimes, though (especially if you’re new to camper van travel), you don’t necessarily want to rent a camper van from an individual. You may prefer working with a national or regional brand who offers a few extra perks, like roadside assistance. If that sounds like what you’re after, consider renting from Voyager Campervans, which claims an outpost in Nashville.

Voyager Campervans offers smaller, two-person vans out of its Nashville hub. The simple vans are made for true camping, with two seats in the front and storage space in the back that converts into a bed. While there’s not a kitchenette in the traditional sense, there is a kitchen area that pulls out from the back of the van and provides a small fridge (hidden inside a drawer), stove and cooking area. While you will have to actually stand outside of the van in order to use it, it’s totally convenient if you don’t need a larger van or RV that contains a full kitchen area.

Renting with Voyager Campervans also comes with an additional great perk. The provider will allow you to take the camper van anywhere in the United States or Canada. So, if you’re planning a much larger road trip and Nashville is just a stop along the way or your starting point, Voyager Campervans can hook you up for the long haul.

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3. Outdoorsy 2021 Winnebago Travato Luxury RV

winnebago campervan rental nashville
Photo: Outdoorsy

Why you should rent: The RV lifestyle in a smaller package

If you want more of a large, motorhome feel from a camper van, you might want to go with this slick Winnebago that’s decked out and ready to roll. The leather seats in front swivel to face a leather bench seat in the back. Sleek wood paneling throughout adds an extra luxe touch. A full kitchenette allows for extra room for cooking. An entertainment center keeps you occupied even if it’s a rainy night at the campsite. Towards the rear of the van, a spacious bathroom offers a toilet, shower and sink. A bed takes up the rear.

Suitable for four guests, this camper van would be a good pick for a group of friends or a small family. Plus, the owners have included just about everything you could need for a quick getaway with little packing and prep on your part, including cookware, linens and towels. Extra van features that are a nice touch include a back-up camera, touchscreen controls and Bluetooth connection, for easier driving. The owners will even pick you up and drop you off at the airport, if needed.

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4. Nashville RV

nashville campervan rentals
Photo: Nashville RV

Why you should rent: Lots of room for two

Nashville RV offers a range of RV rentals, from more traditional RVs to towable RV trailers, but if it’s a camper van you’re specifically looking for, the regional provider has you covered with its Winnebago Travato Class B motorhome. With room for two and off-the-grid capabilities, it’s a great fit for a couple or two friends who want to do a little exploring in the region. Unlike many camper vans that are built with two people in mind, this camper van is hardly cramped in the slightest and, instead of forcing the two travelers to sleep in the same bed, this camper van actually features two, separate twin beds. The camper van also features a small dining area, wardrobe, kitchenette and full bathroom.

In addition to offering a comfortable stay, Nashville RV also provides handy services that you might need on the road, such as 24-hour telephone assistance in case of a breakdown, factory roadside assistance programs and extra insurance.

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5. Rocky the Luxury RV

camper van rental nashville
Photo: Outdoorsy

Why you should rent: This pet-friendly and family-friendly camper van can go just about anywhere

This pet-friendly, tailgating-friendly and music festival-friendly camper van named Rocky ticks all the boxes for a spacious camper van that includes all your much-needed creature comforts. With airport pick-up and drop-off available, you can hop in Rocky as soon as you arrive in Nashville and then hit the road, whether you’re headed to downtown or somewhere nearby. The camper van includes room for four adults, with two queen beds. While the camper van’s compact size makes it easy to drive on the highway, it’s even simpler thanks to an iPad control panel that helps keep the driving and set-up process streamlined.

The camper van includes a kitchenette and bathroom, and the owners supply your cookware and dishes, but do note that linens and towels are only available for an additional fee, so you’ll want to make sure to ask for that if you don’t plan on bringing your own. There’s nothing worse than taking a shower at the campground, only to realize you have no way to dry off.

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6. Tour Bus Family Sprinter

nashville camper van rental
Photo: Outdoorsy

Why you should rent: Near-endless space

If you’re traveling around Nashville and you want to live that country music star life, or you just need a lot of extra room for a big group or family, you’re going to want to check out the Tour Bus Family Sprinter. Sleeping eight people, it’s a mammoth of a camper van, but just the thing if that’s exactly the kind of space you need or want.

Walk into the Tour Bus Family Sprinter and you’re immediately greeted by two, long sofas, upholstered in a leather material and flanked by large windows. The sofas feature built-in cupholders and storage underneath. A kitchenette further along in the space also features some additional storage, as well as a television. The rear of the camper van is completely taken up by two sets of bunk beds. One set of bunk beds offers three bunks, while the other offers two bunks.

Do note that this particular camper van only features seatbelt seating for two people, so it’s not ideal if you plan on traveling a long distance with your family in the back. Additionally, it doesn’t feature a bathroom, so you’ll want to be sure you’re camping at a campground with full facilities. Still, if you’re just looking for lots of space to stretch out and something that can hold plenty of people, you’ve found it.

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