• 15 of the Best Leather Minimalist Wallets for Men

    There may be nothing new under the sun, but today’s wallet makers are breathing fresh life into a material that’s been used for thousands of years.

    Carbon fiber, aluminum and titanium may be flashier, but leather’s the workhorse of the minimalist wallet trend, and its heirloom-quality durability is a favorite in the Territory Supply offices.

    We’re all about the less is more approach, and leather minimalist wallets have a simplicity and timelessness that are hard to beat. Here, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite slim wallets for keeping just the essentials – and looking good doin’ it.

    Strapo Minimalist Wallet V2

    strapo wallet

    Strapo raised more than $100,000 during their successful Kickstarter campaign, and today they’re still making new and updated versions of their popular minimalist wallets. The V2 is a sleek, expandable wallet that holds up to 10 cards and whatever else you can cram in the elastic pocket – for us, that’s a Tile Slim and some cash.

    It’s attractively priced but still includes quality materials like top grain leather and durable elastic that stays tight over time. The profile is structured to keep your cards safe but soft enough to work well in front or back pockets.

    The V2 offers all the stuff you want with a minimalist wallet – RFID protection, solid craftsmanship and warranty – and nice simple branding. Aesthetically, this is one of our favorite leather minimalist options and it’s available in six colors – we went with brown tanned leather and haven’t looked back. – Buy here

    The Duke, Andar

    duke wallet andar

    We first came across Andar after buying one of their iPhone cases, but it turns out they make some rad minimalist wallets too. The Duke is a simple two-slot wallet that carries up to eight cards and whatever you can fit into the cash strap.

    It’s made from full-grain leather, includes RFID protection and hails from our home state of Arizona. Andar is a Spanish verb for “to carry” and the company’s goal is to help minimize what you need to carry with you. That focus has led to a line of quality goods that’s affordable without sacrificing quality and craftsmanship, a win-win in our book. – Buy here

    Trayvax Element

    trayvax element wallet

    The Trayxax Element is a hybrid of sorts, combining tough, top-grain leather and rugged stainless steel. The result is versatile and stylish: a leather wallet with a tactical edge, ideal for day-to-day use but hardy enough to hold its own in the outdoors.

    At five ounces, it’s a bit heavier than most of the leather wallets on our list, but most users find the added weight worthwhile. A money clip, bottle opener and paracord make the Element more practical than many of its counterparts, and purchasing one helps Trayvax reach their goal of employing 5,000 American workers.

    It’s available in four different colors – our staff favorite is Mississippi Mud, a dark brown that ages and wears well. The USA-made Element offers RFID protection and comes backed by a 65-year “heirloom” warranty. – Buy here

    Dango D01 Dapper Wallet

    dango d01 dapper wallet

    The D01 Dapper Wallet thrives on contrast: top-grain leather competes with a bold aerospace grade aluminum and together they offer protection and style unlike anything else out there. Its slim profile holds up to 12 cards and clocks in just over two ounces, giving it a stellar capacity-to-weight ratio.

    For those who want a more tactical option, the D01 is compatible with Dango’s multi-tool, which adds more than 14 functions to your wallet. The Dapper Wallet is made in the USA and includes a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. It offers RFID blocking and a tight cash strap that keeps things organized and slim even with a few folded bills.

    The D01 is available in five colors, including jet black and whiskey brown. – Buy here

    Dango T01 Tactical Wallet

    dango t01 tactical wallet

    If you’re the type who knows what he wants and what he wants is tactical versatility, Dango also offers the T01, which includes their signature multi-tool. The multi-tool can be removed for travel (not TSA-compliant) and slides easily from the main body.

    Some of the most useful tools on here include the ring hole, rope tensioner, box cutter, hex wrench, bottle opener and smart phone stand. The T01’s available in brown rawhide or jet black, though we dig the look of the former. – Buy here

    Hitch and Timber Flat Jack

    hitch and timber flat jack

    Baltimore-based Hitch and Timber sources and handcrafts all their goods in the US, and it’s easy to see the love they put into their products. The Flat Jack is one such product, a minimalist all-leather number that carries up to eight cards in two different sleeves.

    The Flat Jack is handcrafted with 4-ounce leather available in eight different options, including chestnut, natural, and the seasonal favorite autumn harvest. They’re made to order but worth the wait of a few days, and like any good leather wallet takes a solid breaking in period to really get in its zone. But once it gets there, watch out. – Buy here

    Hitch and Timber Short Fold

    hitch and timber short fold

    The Short Fold is an alternative take on the Flat Jack, using repurposed US military canvas stamped with Hitch and Timber’s signature snake logo. It’s made with the same beautifully tanned 4-ounce leather and comes available in the same range of colors. The exterior has the same snake imprint, a nice bold touch that sends all the right messages.

    Like the Flat Jack, the Short Fold also offers a small, practical grommet for attaching small tools or keeping your wallet safely attached to something during hikes and the like. – Buy here

    Ezra Arthur No. 2 Wallet

    Ezra Arthur No. 2 Wallet

    The four brothers that make up Ezra Arthur hail from our hometown of Phoenix, and they’re in business to make “artifacts worthy of discovery,” those heirloom pieces that only get better as they’re passed down.

    Their No. 2 Wallet is about as minimalist as they come: no rubber, glue or lining means it’s all leather-and-stitching here. Craftsmanship takes center stage with the No. 2, and of the six available color options, whiskey stands out as an instant classic. It holds a “nice deck” of credit cards as well as folded cash, and the two slots are all you need to keep things tidy.

    Chromexcel leather from Horween makes for a long-lasting wallet, and Ezra Arthur backs their stitching with a lifetime guarantee. – Buy here

    The Charleston Wallet, Holtz Leather Co.

    the charleston leather minimalist wallet

    Named after the city in South Carolina, this three-sleeve wallet is made with locally sourced full-grain leather and can be personalized with up to 15 letters.

    Holtz Leather Co. is a true family business, and their attention to detail and craftsmanship shines through – the branding, profile and thickness of the Charleston is perfect for those looking to go minimalist while keeping the roots of a traditional leather wallet.

    The Charleston holds up to 8 cards and some cash, and buying one means supporting a hardworking American family who came together to start a business after a particularly rough stretch in life. If you’re into comeback stories, you’ll appreciate Holtz and their line of quality leather goods. – Buy here

    Shinola ID Card Case

    shinola ID Card Case

    Shinola has timeless watches down to an art, but their wallet game is also something to see. Their ID Card Case is one of several leather minimalist wallet options that combine American craftsmanship and durable, long-lasting leathers.

    The ID Card Case is ideal for travelers who need quick and easy access to their ID, and extra sleeves hold a few cards and cash as needed. If you’re a fan of Shinola’s mission to bring manufacturing jobs back to Detroit, don’t miss this or the rest of their wallet offerings. – Buy here

    Rogue Industries Front Pocket Wallet

    Rogue Industries Front Pocket Wallet

    Maine is one of our favorite states to explore, and it’s also home to Rogue Industries, the leather goods company started by father-son duo Michael and Wells Lyons. They’ve made a name for themselves by creating wallets from all types of leather, including bison, moose and salmon.

    Their bison wallet is a slim, rounded number that fits perfectly into a front pocket, and they’re on a mission to help guys everywhere avoid the bulk and back problems associated with larger back pocket wallets.

    Choose from a 6-card or 12-card option and if bison isn’t your thing – it ages and wears beautifully if you go this route – there’s a range of leathers and materials to choose from. Their all made in Maine and the bison leather’s sourced from Colorado, so you’re getting a homegrown product made with care. RFID protection and a two-year warranty make this a solid investment in your everyday carry game. – Buy here

    Secrid Slimwallet

    secrid slimwallet

    The Slimwallet from Secrid is a billfold redefined, focusing on convenience and ease of use rather than fitting as much as possible. The wallet has a patented process to help slide out cards in one move, which tends to be a lot easier than some of the other minimalist options out there.

    The Slimwallet’s made in Holland (and Italy) from quality European cowhides, and the interior contains an aluminum body that prevents the wallet from bending and offers RFID protection. It’s more structured than some of the slimmer wallets out there, so it’s ideal for those who want something minimal without going primitive.

    It’s available in a range of colors and materials, but we’re partial to the cognac brown, a bold contrast to the Slimwallet’s unique aluminum interior. – Buy here

    Trove Wallet

    trove wallet

    If you’re ever disappointed by a lack of color options when searching for a wallet, consider the TROVE. It’s main offerings are available in about 20 colorways, but if that’s still not enough, you can build your own wallet and create one of 100,000 possible combinations.

    But customization isn’t the only thing that makes TROVE one of the most popular minimalist wallets out there. Each is handmade to order in England and comes built with layered full-grain, Italian veg-tanned leather. The rest of the profile is finished with durable elastic that doesn’t lose shape or consistency even after years of use.

    Three separate compartments hold up to 10 cards, cash and more, and it’s reversible for even more versatility. The TROVE is ideal for active guys who want something that’ll put up with the daily grind – work, gym, nightlife and more. – Buy here

    J. Stark Randall Wallet

    J. Stark Randall Wallet

    J. Stark takes its name from James Dean’s Rebel Without a Cause character Jim Stark, and it’s an ode to “trying to fit in yet become an individual,” according to Erik Holmberg, the company’s founder. Their Randall Wallet is a simple, four-pocket bifold made from premium Wickett & Craig skirting leather and contrasting waxed thread.

    If you’re looking for simple elegance, the Randall comes through and delivers only what you need. They’re made in the US and available in five colors, including olive, cognac and navy. – Buy here

    Supr Good Co Slim 2 Wallet

    Supr Good Co Slim 2 Wallet

    The Slim 2 from Supr lives up to the name: its 9mm profile makes it one of the thinnest wallets on our list. But don’t be fooled: it’s leather-and-elastic body can expand to hold up to 10 cards, so it doesn’t cut corners on capacity.

    A microfiber interior keeps your cards in good condition, and the minimalist vibe carries over into the wallet’s branding: a simple x imprinted on the side. We’re fans of the grey leather, but it’s also available in black and a bold, orange-lookin’ tan. – Buy here

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