What is Airbnb Plus? And is it Worth the Extra Cost?

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Brittany Varano
November 07, 2020
Updated February 26, 2024

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Airbnb Plus is an exclusive invitation-only program that helps travelers distinguish between the ordinary and the extraordinary on Airbnb.

You’re probably already familiar with Airbnb, the home rental platform that allows people from around the world to rent out their spare bedrooms, entire homes, and unique stays to other people. Over the last decade, Airbnb has become extremely popular as travelers realize it’s a great way to add a touch of authenticity to travel, to save some money over an expensive hotel, or to find a getaway location in their own home town.

What makes Airbnb properties so unique is that they often take best amenities hotels and combines them with the privacy and convenient touches of home, often with a one-of-a-kind finish. No matter what you’re looking for, from hot tubs to pools or gourmet kitchens to heated bathroom floors, there’s an Airbnb for everyone. And that includes people looking for treehouses, yurts, or sprawling private ranches.

Today, Airbnb has a few different programs to help distinguish the top-rated properties from the rest, and one of these is Airbnb Plus. Launched in 2018, the program recognizes the most exceptional homes listed on the site. According to Airbnb, “the program allows hosts to apply to receive a plus classification that recognizes listings with exceptional quality, comfort, and style.”

Airbnb Plus is essentially a quick and easy way to find high-quality home that offer luxurious or stylish experiences that go above and beyond the average rental.

What’s the difference between Airbnb and Airbnb Plus?

Nearly anyone can list their vacation rental on Airbnb’s website, but only a select few hosts are invited to join the Airbnb Plus program. It’s a special title meant to showcase the best of the best and highlight the homes that are unique, whether in design, amenities, or experience.

This means that Airbnb Plus properties tend to feature exceptionally stylish decor, unique architectural features, warm and welcoming hospitality, and superior amenities as compared to “normal” listings.

Airbnb Plus Requirements

Before Airbnb properties are admitted into the Plus program, they must first meet a set of standards that help ensure the highest quality for guests.

A few of the standards stipulated by Airbnb include:

  • The home must have thoughtful touches that go above and beyond a typical Airbnb. So think complimentary coffee, comprehensive guidebooks, welcome baskets, etc.
  • The property should be uniquely designed, exceptionally cleaned after each and every stay, and feature high-end amenities like a sauna or a hot tub, to name a few examples.
  • The hosts must not have ever canceled a reservation on a guest throughout their history with the company.
  • The listing should have at least a 4.8-star rating or higher from the previous year.

After a host and a property are deemed worthy of the Plus program, Airbnb staff conduct a careful review to ensure the home checks all of their boxes for a high-end, luxurious stay. All in all, the Airbnb Plus program is all about providing guests a memorable and unique experience.

Is Airbnb Plus worth it?

It depends. If you plan to do more than just sleep in your Airbnb rental, than probably. If your rental is just a place to drop your stuff while you explore a city, it may not be worth the extra fee. But most people will likely appreciate the extra touches, especially as homes in the Airbnb Plus program run the gambit on price.

While there are countless wonderful Airbnb properties that don’t carry the distinction of Plus, those that do are often also the highest-rated properties in any given location. While Airbnb Plus properties can sometimes be a bit more expensive, they’re worth it for guests that prioritize stellar stays and appreciate the little things.

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