12 Epic Airbnb Campsites Around the U.S.

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Holly Riddle
August 18, 2021
Updated April 04, 2022

Epic Airbnb Camping Sites Around the U.S.
Photo: Airbnb

Sure, Airbnb allows you to rent cute cottages and swanky suites, but did you know you can also book campsites on Airbnb?

Pack your the tent and hit the road, because your next dream campsite awaits. Whether you want to pitch your tent in a remote riverside forest or you’d rather set up your glamping gear in the middle of a vineyard, Airbnb offers a range of ways for you to enjoy the great outdoors without the need to book a spot at a crowded state park campground.

To help you start planning your next great camping trip, check out the 12 Airbnb campsites below, all of which are sure to be a step above your average neighborhood camp site.

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1. Camp K: A River Retreat

Camp K: A River Retreat US campsites
Photo: Airbnb

Why you should stay: A backcountry feel without the backcountry struggle.

  • Location: Wasilla, Alaska
  • Sleeps: 12
  • Minimum stay: 1 night
  • Rates from: $79/night

If you like the idea of backcountry camping but not all the realities of backcountry camping, you’ll love this secluded, peaceful camping site just a little ways off the road. It’s close enough that you can hear the cars on occasion, but far enough away that you can’t see them, and only separated from your host’s home by a small grove of trees.

You get the entire riverfront camping area to yourself, which includes basic amenities such as a fire pit and seating. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot salmon spawning or even a moose strolling by. This is one of the best Airbnb campsites in the US if you want a rugged Alaskan experience but don’t quite have the skills for a backpacking trip.

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2. Hender Haven Vineyard Escape

Hender Haven Vineyard Escape US campsites
Photo: Airbnb

Why you should stay: Camp in Southern California wine country.

  • Location: Temecula, California
  • Sleeps: 6
  • Minimum stay: 2 nights
  • Rates from: $85/night

Who said camping had to include roughing it? You’ll feel right at home at this RV- and camper-only campsite in a vineyard. But if you somehow grow bored of strolling the vines or chilling by the fire pit, you’ll find plenty to do nearby. The campsite is near a range of fun attractions, including golf courses, casinos, and the beach. You’ll definitely not have trouble pulling together a full itinerary for a visit to this California campsite, especially if you take a day trip to nearby San Diego or Encinitas.

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3. Erwin Estate High Point Tower

Erwin Estate High Point Tower US campsites
Photo: Airbnb

Why you should stay: Views for days from your mountaintop perch.

  • Location: Malvern, Arkansas
  • Sleeps: 6
  • Minimum stay: 1 night
  • Rates from: $100/night

If you want a campsite with a view, look no further. This campsite is literally on a lookout tower perched high in the Ouachita Mountain foothills. Go to bed and wake up to miles and miles of rolling hills. It’s probably worth waking up early at least one morning to watch the sunrise.

Beyond the views, though, the lookout tower is particularly nice for those who don’t fancy sleeping on the ground or who worry about wet, muddy weather. If you’re the outdoorsy type (and you probably are if you booked an Airbnb campsite), be sure to spend a day at nearby Hot Springs National Park while you’re there.

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4. Otter Space Morning Meadow Camp

Otter Space Morning Meadow Camp US campsites
Photo: Airbnb

Why you should stay: Get off the grid while maintaining a few key creature comforts.

  • Location: Orick, California
  • Sleeps: 6
  • Minimum stay: 1 night
  • Rates from: $55/night

Otter Space Morning Meadow Camp allows you to get off the grid with no electricity, cell service or Wi-Fi, but it also offers the key creature comforts that most folks can appreciate, such as running water in a bathhouse with not only a toilet, but also a hot shower.

What are you going to do with all that tech-free time? Maybe roam the fruit orchards or hike through the redwood forests at Redwood National Park, look out for the wildlife (including the otters, of course), or relax riverside.

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5. Missile Silo Adventure Campsite

Missile Silo Adventure Campsite
Photo: Airbnb

Why you should stay: Camping with an educational, out-of-this-world twist.

  • Location: Wilson, Kansas
  • Sleeps: 6
  • Minimum stay: 1 night
  • Rates from: $59/night

History buffs, this Airbnb campsite is for you. The land is home to an underground missile base built during the Cold War (it was decommissioned in the 1960s.) While you don’t get to actually stay inside the missile base, you do get to camp on the grounds and check out the launch control center and missile silo during the day.

Your camp fees go to a good cause, too. Funds help support the owners’ nonprofit project: the Ad Astra S.T.E.A.M. Institute, which will help educate people on disaster-resilient technologies like those used in the missile base. They hope to eventually turn the whole area into a space-themed adventure resort, and the Airbnb campsite is the very first stage.

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6. Treehouse Campsite

Treehouse Campsite
Photo: Airbnb

Why you should stay: Plenty of privacy and loads of space near super-outdoorsy Greenville.

  • Location: Travelers Rest, South Carolina
  • Sleeps: 16
  • Minimum stay: 1 night
  • Rates from: $54/night

This treehouse-plus-campsite is on an eight-acre lot you’ll have all to yourself. There’s plenty of space for you and your friends, with no shortage of space to pitch a tent and a treehouse for setting up your sleeping pad and sleeping bag in case you didn’t bring a tent — or just feel like sleeping closer to the treetops.

The raised cabin also has extra loft space and a small front deck, and your outdoor space includes a fire pit, benches, a clean outhouse, and plenty of firewood to keep the party going late into the night. This Airbnb campsite is priced for four guests and goes up $10 for each extra person.

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7. Birdsong Camp

Birdsong Camp US campsites
Photo: Airbnb

Why you should stay: Cozy camping on a working farm near Shenandoah National Park.

  • Location: Etlan, Virginia
  • Sleeps: 8
  • Minimum stay: 1 night
  • Rates from: $75 night

Birdsong Camp sits on a working farm and is a great fit for anyone who romanticizes an agrarian lifestyle but who doesn’t feel like waking up early for farm chores. You get to sleep, eat, and relax right on the farm, though you’ll have plenty of space and privacy. It’s a great Airbnb campsite for first-time campers as you don’t need to have your own gear: you can rent it from the hosts.

The campsite is outfitted with a small outdoor shower and cooking space as well as a fire pit with a grill and even some yard games. If you venture away from the campsite to check out the farm (you can arrange a tour with the owner), you’ll find gardens, a farm store, pigs, chickens, sheep, and more.

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8. Waterfront Campsite on Toddy Pond

Waterfront Campsite on Toddy Pond
Photo: Airbnb

Why you should stay: Small camper with tons of outdoor living space on a lake.

  • Location: Penobscot, Maine
  • Sleeps: 4
  • Minimum stay: 2 nights
  • Rates from: $99/night

Camping in the Northeast just comes with a different vibe. The crisp mornings, the chilly waters, the pine trees, the mountains — it’s like nowhere else in the country. Enjoy it to its fullest with a stay at this Maine Airbnb campsite, which also happens to be under an hour from Acadia National Park.

You can choose to stay in an A-frame trailer or in your own tent, but whichever option you go with, you’ll also have access to an outhouse, outdoor shower, full outdoor kitchen, and a deck. Since you’re on the water, you’ll want to take advantage of the included kayaks, too.

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9. Fairy Forest Campsite

Fairy Forest Campsite
Photo: Airbnb

Why you should stay: Romantic bubble glamping experience in the Rockies.

  • Location: Beulah Valley, Colorado
  • Sleeps: 2
  • Minimum stay: 1 night
  • Rates from: $105/night

If sleeping in a tent sounds less than ideal, you may want to go with a glamping alternative like this option in Colorado. Rather than sleeping in a tent, you’ll sleep inside a clear bubble dome outfitted with a queen-sized bed. It’s far more comfortable than a sleeping bag and ensures you can stargaze like a VIP all night long.

The photo ops are near-endless and the fairy-forest vibe lends a romantic touch to your camping experience. A mirror hangs from one tree, a carousel horse is perched by another, and white fairy lights glitter at night. It all adds up to a magical atmosphere.

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10. Mountain Refuge Ranch: Eagle Point Campsite

Mountain Refuge Ranch: Eagle Point Campsite
Photo: Airbnb

Why you should stay: A campsite perched on the edge of a mountain with tons of options.

  • Location: Metaline Falls, Washington
  • Sleeps: 2
  • Minimum stay: 1 night
  • Rates from: $65/night

Want the same view as someone who summits mountains without having to actually summit a mountain? Then camp at this Airbnb campsite overlooking even more mountains in the distance, plus a flowing river below.

Enjoy the views from the hammock, benches, dining table, or fire pit, but don’t linger around your campsite for too long. There’s plenty of hiking and kayaking just steps away. In fact, the hosts also own an adventure company and can arrange everything from guided kayak tours to visits to ghost towns to beach picnics or massages or even a full glamping set-up if you don’t want to deal with gear.

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11. Lakefront Campsite

Lakefront Campsite`
Photo: Airbnb

Why you should stay: A campsite on your very own private beach.

  • Location: Bigfork, Montana
  • Sleeps: 2
  • Minimum stay: 1 night
  • Rates from: $34/night

Location, location, location — that’s what you get with this campsite suitable for both tents and small camper vans. Hidden in a small grove of trees near a mountain neighborhood, this Airbnb campsite is extremely easy to reach and doesn’t put you away from civilization in the slightest. But you will have the privacy to enjoy yourself take advantage of that beautiful beach. There’s a Port-O-John, but that’s it in terms of amenities. Come prepared.

You get the entire space to yourself for the duration of your stay. Be sure to ask the host about the canoes and kayaks available for rent. Oh, and pro tip: Bigfork is both a cool town and close to other cool towns. Consider adding on an extra day or two if you’ve never been there before.

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12. Mountain View Retreat RV Site

Mountain View Retreat RV Site
Photo: Airbnb

Why you should stay: Luxury desert living for campers with their own RVs.

  • Location: Phoenix, Arizona
  • Sleeps: 2
  • Minimum stay: 1 night
  • Rates from: $66/night

If you prefer RV camping and like amenities just as luxurious as the inside of your big rig, this is the Airbnb camping site for you. With mountain views, a hot tub, patio furniture, gorgeous landscaping, Wi-Fi, an outdoor kitchen and bar, and a setting on a gated estate, this is a luxurious space to park it for a few days. As you’ll be in Phoenix, you’ll have easy access to the city and outdoor recreation nearby, like Camelback Mountain hiking. Too hot for a hike? Why not float the river before returning to a homemade dinner under your covered outdoor dining room?

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